The Do’s and Don’ts of Instagram Caption Writing

Writing exciting and engaging captions takes a lot of time, a lot of trial and error, and by no means will they ever be perfect. Long captions vs. short captions? Should I ask a question? How should I format my review? Those are all questions you will be able to answer very very soon.

Lets start with the do’s and don’ts


Because I don’t participate in these Don’ts I don’t have any examples of what it looks like BUT just don’t do these things and you will be fine!

  •  Use an emoji and call that good.
  • Ignore how your audience feels. If they aren’t responding to short captions, try longer ones or vice versa.
  • Forget your hashtags
  • Forget to add a call to action.
  • Tell the same story 5000 times.


  • Listen to your audience. Do they like questions? Do they prefer that your posts are tied to blog posts so they can go and read more about them?
  • Tell a story. You can tell a story with a short caption or even a long one. All you have to do is be creative.
  • Share your adventure. Document your experiences. That is what people want to hear about.

Here is another example of a post that went viral with hashtags!

Below there are a few caption ideas but I do want to tell you a few things first:

  1. Please make sure you are sharing a story. Whether it’s through your personal account or your brand, sharing your story is why people follow you. I know I mentioned this in the “pros” section, but it is so important! People follow you for a reason!
  2. You don’t always HAVE to have something to say. I know that kind of contradicts what I said before, BUT what I mean by this is, if you don’t have anything to say, tell your audience that. “Happy Thursday! I hope you are all having an amazing day! I don’t have a lot to say today, but that’s fine because I want to hear something about you. Tell me something about yourself in the comments!” or something like that. You don’t always have to write long captions or have to have an idea. 

Caption Ideas

  1. Motivational Quote
  2. Things you are stressing about
  3. Things that are going on in your life
  4. Your favorite anything: – Food – Music – Movie – Skincare – Beauty Products
  5. Asking Questions! What they are doing? What ______ they are watching? What they want to see? What are their favorite things?
  6. Lyrics that mean something to you or relate to your overall account
  7. Funny Captions: This is me tiptoeing into 2019 trying to avoid more mistakes.
  8. Your day to day life
  9. 2 Truths and 1 Lie
  10. A movie or TV show you watched recently

There are so many different caption ideas out there, I wanted to share the ones that seem the easiest to me but still get good engagement! Feel free to share with me or even tag me on Instagram with the Instagram captions you created based on the tips I gave in this post!

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