The ONE Tip You Need to Succeed on Instagram

Tip Tuesday – June 4th

Welcome to Tip Tuesday! Today we are talking about The Three E’s!

The Three E’s are extremely important because your content on the internet needs to be something people want. If your content isn’t one of these three things, you SHOULDN’T post it. I know it’s tough because you probably have such a beautiful feed and you need that ONE photo in there to make it look perfect, but if it doesn’t fall under one of those three E’s then throw it in the trash!

The Three E’s =




It’s not just about the photo on Instagram BUT a lot of it is. There are two parts to an Instagram post. The first being the photo (which has to be eye-catching enough for the person to stop) and the second being the caption.

Instagram will reward you for people staying on your photo for a long amount of time and will offer higher distribution for that photo. If you have a great photo and a great caption, people will not only stay on it longer, but they will also like and comment on it. This then signals to IG that people are really interested in your content and will do two things. They will show your post to MORE people and they will show future posts of yours to the people that interacted with this post.

This is why those three e’s are so important. If you are posting content for a long enough time that people aren’t interacting with, even if you have 500k followers, your engagement will drop because that is how Instagram works now.

If you would like some examples on the types of content that would fall into The Three E’s, then check out my YouTube video above!

For me, I know that texture shots are extremely satisfying and exciting, so I have tried to share those more on my feed along with making them educational. With the photos of me, those types of shots do very well on Instagram no matter what, so I try to spice them up by making the captions engaging!

These are just some tips that you can use to make your content better. If you are still stuck, feel free to leave a comment down below telling me your IG name and your niche so I can help you brainstorm some content ideas!

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