5 Ways to Spice Up Your Kitchen

You spend a lot of time in your kitchen. Sometimes its time to give it a little TLC and spice a few things up! In this post, I am going to give you five different ways to make your kitchen feel brand new again without changing everything or spending a million dollars!

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The first thing you should do when trying to spice up your kitchen is cleaning! Do a full clean of all your cabinets, your pantry, fridge, under your sink and all of your appliances. This will help you make some space and figure out what really needs a touch-up.

A tip for cleaning: Really get into the back of your cabinets. Take everything out and wash down the insides. Then when you are putting everything back in, think of possibly investing in some organization products. Sometimes this is all you need to do to really spice up your space.

This tip also goes for any space in the house not just your kitchen. Cleaning can really make a huge difference. I recommend going through and “spring” cleaning once a season to make it easier for yourself!

New Appliances

Once you have cleaned, think about your appliances. How long have you had them? Do they still work well? Have you been eyeballing a waffle maker and think now is the time to get one? If so, then do it! Spicing up your kitchen doesn’t have to mean buying a new stove or a new fridge. It can be as easy as getting a new microwave or even a waffle maker!

A tip when looking at new appliances: it may be that you need a new fridge, but you also might want to invest in something fun like a mini fridge or a beer/wine cooler for you and your family. Think of something out of the box that will make you happy and will spice up your kitchen.

New Cabinet Paint

You may not realize it, but your cabinets go through a lot. They get food splattered on them, get bumped and chipped. Maybe its time for a new coat of paint. Try and change the color to something that excites you! If you aren’t interested in changing your cabinets move down to changing your wall color.

When picking a new cabinet paint, you don’t have to go bold and crazy. Think of maybe an off-white or something that will really bring everything together. It might be more interesting to go crazier with the wall color rather than the cabinets, but it is always an option!

New Countertops

*Photo Courtesy of Premier Surfaces Buffalo NY

Installing new countertops can be a little expensive but will seriously change the way your kitchen looks! If your interested in this option, Premier Surfaces in Buffalo NY has a beautiful arrangement of countertops from granite to quartz and marble. My favorite part of their business is their website. They allow you to contact a design consultant and have all of your questions answered.

You can also see inspiration galleries that will help you pick out what you would like your kitchen to look like or really any other place in your house. They have beautiful inspiration ideas that might possibly make you want a whole new kitchen but remember, we are only picking a few things to spice it up!

New Wall Color

The last thing you can do to spice up your space is to invest in a new wall color or even a pretty backsplash. Something as simple as changing those two things can really brighten up space and make it a brand-new room in your house. Pinterest has some really great kitchen inspiration ideas and will also give you some DIY tips to do it yourself and save a little more.

A tip for wall color: When picking wall colors, it doesn’t have to be bold and crazy but taking a chance could really make your space pop. Or even just do a light pretty color like the picture above. I do recommend going on Pinterest and checking out some of their kitchen ideas. It might be as simple as putting a pattern on one of your walls or doing a large backsplash like the picture in the countertop pictures above! Don’t feel nervous. You can always change it later!

Is there anything that I might have missed? Let me know in the comments below!

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