The Instagram Bio Hack you NEED: from Tailwind 

I know you have heard of other bio links to up your Instagram game BUT this new from Tailwind is basically the only FREE tool that gives you more access than ANYONE else. 

*This post contains affiliate links, which means I will make a commission at no extra cost to you should you click through and make a purchase. I was also compensated to create this post, though all opinions are my own.*

Before I get into it, if you haven’t ever heard of Tailwind then you are missing out! Tailwind is a scheduler for Pinterest and Instagram but also has amazing features like the, Hashtag Generator and more. Not only are they one of the best Pinterest and Instagram schedulers but they are also Pinterest and Instagram PARTNERS meaning both platforms approve of Tailwind’s tool and are more than happy for you to use them when sharing your content on their platform.

Tailwind does have a free trial that allows you to schedule 100 Pinterest pins and 30 Instagram posts. Note: THIS IS NOT A TIMED TRIAL. There is no time limit to when your trial is over. Once you have scheduled all 100 pins and 30 Instagram posts, that is when your trial is over!  If you would like to sign up to utilize this awesome tool and its accompanying features via a free trial, you can find that here. for Blogging

Let me ask you the question… When you upload a new blog post, do you change your bio link, share on your story and in your feed that you have a new post and to go to the link in your bio? If you answered yes, then this is the perfect FREE tool for you. The reason for this is because this new feature allows you to never change your bio link again, giving you one less step to publishing and successfully sharing a blog post. 

Now, you may be wondering why I call this hack, and the reason why is because it is so unique and it’s free so why wouldn’t you use it? Tailwind gives you the option to link to each of your IG posts AND have specific links to your most important things. 

Take a look at mine:

I have my free masterclass and my Pinterest link as the two most important links and then under those I have posts where I talked about specific things like blog posts I have written recently, my story and more. 

The Specifics

The possibilities are endless with this new tool and not only can you customize your colors but they also give you an added feature that makes me smile. YOU GET STATS!

The most important thing with your blog is stats. What is working and what isn’t and Tailwind has given you stats on which posts are getting clicks, which ones aren’t and what your overall click rates are. 

I have personally fallen in love with this tool because it gives you what you need to up your Instagram game and most importantly is free. I just recently started utilizing it for Instagram but I have been using it with Pinterest for years.

I require Tailwind with all of my one on one Pinterest management clients and have made myself and my clients thousands of dollars consistently each month thanks to this awesome tool!

You can see some of the results I have gotten for my clients while utilizing Tailwind for Pinterest here and please keep in mind these are results I have gotten for my clients so they may not be typical!

Tailwind does publish the Typical Results of Tailwind Members every year, so you can see exactly what the average growth rate looks like for their members. You can also see what the typical results for people utilizing Tailwind for Pinterest here and Instagram are here for Influencers:

If you are wondering how this new tool will help up your Influencer game then do I have some ways for you! With this new tool, you can add your affiliate links connected to posts inside of the link to make money and get a commission with your favorite brands. for Entrepreneurs: can also be used to help you get leads and sell your products! You could create a whole catalog for your products inside of the to make it easy for people to shop while still on Instagram. Or you can have links to your services and links to have people sign up for discovery calls to book more leads and get more clients! 

I would LOVE to see what results you get when implementing the new FREE tool so send me a personal message on Instagram @lifebyhannahj and I would love to chat with you about your success! Also if you have ANY blogging questions, concerns or struggles at all, message me there as well and we can get you out of whatever rut you are in!


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