The strategy:


The secret weapon?


Work smarter, not harder with my Pinterest management service.

Raise your hand if you’re: 

Starting to wonder if it’s worth your time.
“It” as in your blog, your business, Pinterest… You’re just not seeing a return on your biggest investment: your time.

Unsure if you’re even doing this right.
You’re seeing a whole lot of “she said,” “she said” online, but whose strategies are actually bringing home the bacon? Spoiler: mine. 

You’re a content creation machine, but who is seeing your stuff? And are they the right people? Is Pinterest still a thing, or should you learn TikTok? 
(Answer: no.)

Did you do it? Did you raise your hand?
I’ll take nods too. If so, you’re in the right place.

Pin THIS to your Favorites board:

  • Your latest and greatest seen, saved, and shared by thousands without spending a dime on FB or IG ads.
  • Growing your email list that actually buys. Cha-ching!
  • Two commas in your monthly views and impressions report: helloooo, 10,000,000+.
  • You, actually enjoying content creation again because you KNOW eyes are going to see it.

Clients Experience Things Like:

170k+ link clicks per month 
435 link clicks in 24 hours from a single pin
15k+ repins per week
8k+ link clicks per day
Viral Pins bringing in 9.7k link clicks in 30 days


what Clients are saying:

1:1 Monthly pinterest management

For the full time blogger and small business owner.
This primo monthly package is designed to make Pinterest work for you for the long-haul. Heck yes to passive income. Heck yes to successful launches.

How Does It Work?

The Game Plan
First, you and I will get on a call and talk through your goals, audit your account currently,  answer questions, and all of that small talk basic business stuff. But don’t worry, we don’t focus on this for long. I wanna get to the fun stuff too. The fun stuff? Determining your custom Pinterest strategy to scale and increase your sales. (#nerdalert)

The Foundation
Here I go! I start with a thorough keyword research for your target audience, and optimize all of your board titles and descriptions. I’ll create new boards if need be and find group boards to ramp up your exposure. Then, I Tailwind—which is totally a verb around here. I’ll organize Tailwind and create your custom daily pinning schedule.

The Takeover
Sit back and relax as I literally take over your Pinterest account. I’ll be pinning daily through Tailwind, and creating (and uploading!) beautifully created pins for optimal Pinterest distribution. All pins are primed for maximum reach through niched and targeted keywords. And what kind of Pinterest manager would I be if I didn’t send monthly growth reports, and suggestions for new strategies? Basically, I’ll take all guesswork out of Pinterest, Tailwind, and even what you should blog about.

Custom packages are offered to include things like content creation, social media management, and more
*6-month contract required*

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