Best Practices for a Great Pinterest Profile

If you are a blogger then you probably have heard that Pinterest is a HUGE player in traffic. Sometimes bloggers get stuck with only a minimal amount of traffic and they wonder what they are doing wrong. It may be possible that your profile is holding you back from doing great! Here are some best practices to think about when creating a great Pinterest profile!

Make an eye-catching Profile

Pinterest is a visual platform. Its all about making things pretty, captivating and exciting. You want to make sure that your profile is professional and tells your story.

Have a Keyword Specific Name (If you can)

Pinterest has recently changed this to be less than 30 characters. You can’t add a bunch of keywords anymore so stick to one that you want to focus on the most.

Have keywords in Your Bio

Your bio is really important too because it can help people find you when searching for pinners to follow. This is more important than your name. Make sure to add what you do, a few fun things about you, and a contact email or something for yourself.

Have a Nice Profile Picture

Pinterest recommends sizes of 165 x 165 pixels. Just please don’t use a photo that you cropped other people out of. Take the time to take a nice photo and make it look like you put effort into your account.

Apply for a Business Account

If you haven’t already, it is crucial that you have a business account on Pinterest. Beyond all of the good benefits that it provides, it also HELPS YOU RANK HIGHER in Pinterest search.

Confirm Your Website

When you upgrade to a business account, you get the option to claim a website. This is really important because it will give you the option to activate rich pins (next) and it will also allow you to track stats from Pinterest to your profile, will show that your site is legit and that your pins are worth looking at.

Apply for Rich Pins

Rich Pins are the next critical step to boosting your Pinterest account. You can read more about how to activate them and a little more information about them here:

 Create + Organize Boards

Create a Range of Boards that Go into Your Niche

It’s really important to show personality and make sure that you can show that you aren’t just trying to constantly shove your content down people’s throats. You also want to get Pinterest to trust you and rank you higher because you are repining other people’s content. For example, I blog about blogging, Pinterest, Social media and some beauty. That being said, I have a ton of blogging boards, some beauty boards and I also have a quotes board, a fashion board, a home décor board and more. You want to appeal to everyone and you want to be able to reach a wide audience with your profile because you never know when you *might* be able to create content to reach that audience.

Have Keyword Specific Names

If you haven’t noticed, Keywords mean quite a lot on Pinterest. You might be wondering where you can find all these keywords and I have good news for you!

Other than that, you really need to make sure that people can find your boards to not only follow them but check out what you have to offer.

UPDATE: You can actually use hashtags in names and descriptions.

Have Keyword Specific Descriptions

This goes with the trends just like the others. Keywords are KEY! Also, because Pinterest now lets people use hashtags, you can actually use these in your boards to help you rank higher when people are searching!

Make Sure to Pick a Topic

When you create a board and you go in to write a description, you will also find a drop-down category/topic box for your board. Make sure you fill this out and make sure that you are utilizing this really awesome tool that will help out all of your content!

Make Board Covers for a Consistent Flow

Making board covers can add another dimension and beautiful look to all of your boards. It also will show that you care about how you are presenting yourself on the platform. (see photo below)

Put Your Most Relevant Boards at the Top

You have the option to drag and drop your boards. Set the most relevant boards at the top to give a great first impression to people that visit your profile.

Set Feature Boards

Another cool feature that a business account gives you is allowing you to set featured boards so that when someone comes to your profile they can see your favorite boards.


Don’t Just Pin Original Content

As I mentioned before, you want Pinterest to trust that you are a good user and that you are using the platform not only as a creator but also as a pinner. Pin daily and regularly to ensure that your profile is distributed more and more.

Make Sure Your Pins Have a Destination

A big downfall to pins is when the link doesn’t work. Make sure all of your original content goes to the correct pages or Pinterest can flag it for spam and you can lose your profile.

Make Keyword Specific Descriptions and Use Hashtags

I’m sure by now you can tell you really need to do some keyword research if you plan on using Pinterest. You can also use hashtags in your pin descriptions to help you get some views and impressions early on.

Engage with Others

Respond to Comments

If you have a pin that gets a comment, respond to that comment and show Pinterest that you are engaging with your followers.

Start a Group Board

FOR ACTUAL COLLABORATION. Pinterest is starting to put less emphasis on group boards because people started using them only for clicks and saves and not for true collaboration. There is no workaround for Pinterest.

Add a Follow Button to Your Website

Having a follow button and making your website pinnable will drastically change your traffic and the number of pins you get from your website!


I hope these tips helped you either learn something you didn’t know or at least helped you think about how important your profile is on Pinterest. If you want to know exactly how I created my profile you can subscribe to my blog and get specific information as well as discounts to my e-course that is launching in October. That e-course will give you everything you need to master Pinterest, pinning, keywords, blogging in general, and working with brands. The pinning strategy that I show you in my e-course not only grew my monthly viewers to over 1.2m in less than six weeks but it also got me my first viral pin and more traffic to my blog in one month than ever before. Subscribe here

Did you know everything in this post? Are you going to make any changes to your account? Let me know in the comments below!

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