12 Pinterest Myths & Misconceptions

Working with Pinterest every single day, multiple times a day, for multiple hours, allows you to get to know the platform and uncover as well as debunk popular myths and misconceptions that are spread on the internet. I hate the spread of misinformation and that is why I am coming to you today with more myth-busting but this time with Pinterest!

Also, I talk about something really serious in myth bust number 1 so if you read ANY myth on this page, please read that one. It will help to make sure you don’t get scammed by other people that are trying to deceive and scam.

If you missed my post on blogging myths then you can check that out here.

12. Group boards Aren’t as Good Anymore

Once upon a time, group boards held ALL the success for Pinterest creators. Once Pinterest found out the group board feature was being abused and misused, they lowered the distribution. Makes sense right? You don’t want someone taking advantage of you, just like they don’t want you to take advantage of them.

Now if you just read the above, you might believe the myth as well, however, I said LOWERED the distribution, not completely got rid of it. Group boards are still very powerful if you use them correctly. No more all niche boards, no more boards with 1000s of people on them. Niche and specific is the way you need to go!

11. Pinterest Takes a Long Time to Grow

Yes and no. If you try to DIY it yourself, the answer is yes. If you get help from an ACTUAL expert with real case studies and statistics then no. I help my clients grow and see success on Pinterest within about 6 months of working together. There is a method to the madness on Pinterest, you just have to know what you are doing! It won’t take years, it could only take months!

10. Pinterest is Only for Women

I would say this used to be true. It isn’t anymore though. More and more men are getting on Pinterest for the same reasons women were and still are. They want to learn, be inspired, and purchase! Don’t count guys out!

In fact, about 40% of new user signups are male so while they still don’t outpower the women yet, more men are signing up every single day.

9. Pinterest is only for Recipes + DIYs and won’t help my Business or Blog

Ha! If you only knew. Pinterest is defiantly for recipes and DIYs but its also for business, and hobbies, and education and so many other things. People visit Pinterest to be inspired. They visit to learn. They visit to do research. and they visit to BUY. Meaning, it will most definitely help your business. In fact, I have clients getting consistent leads, growing their email list, page views, getting sales, and MAKING MONEY just because of Pinterest and its organic strategy.

8. Hashtags on Pinterest are the same as Instagram

Well, you’ll learn more during Pinterest myth 3 but just because hashtags exist on a platform doesn’t mean they are the same on any other platform. Hashtags are used on Pinterest for quick discovery. They aren’t used for comments or to find people on the platform although they could be.

Hashtags are in chronological order on Pinterest and only update when someone else pins to them. They are really only used to give your pin a bit more of a boost at the time of pinning!

7. Manual Pinning is Better than using a Scheduler

This depends on who you ask. Carly Campbell, for example, isn’t a fan of schedulers. I, on the other hand, can’t live without one. A scheduler has been a HUGE player in my success on Pinterest and has been a critical part of my unique organic strategy. So I guess this is a myth but also not depending on who you ask!

6. You only need to pin 5 times a day

 Quite confused about who came up with this but it’s not true. You definitely need to pin more than 5 times per day in order to be successful on the platform. Pinterest thrives on content. That means you can’ t just pin one pin once and leave it. You have to have a legit strategy just like any other platform out there.

It’s not a one and done type of thing. If you are just starting out on Pinterest, I would recommend pinning about 15 times per day to group boards and boards of your own to ensure proper distribution of your pin. There is a lot more that goes into Pinterest and if you are interested in learning about it you can check out my free Pinterest Starter Kit Course here.

5. You need to pin 300 times per day 

I’m not sure this myth is as popular as it used to be but you do not need to pin 300 times per day. It depends on your account, the amount of content you have and other factors but you should be pinning typically around 50 – 60 times per day (on average). If you have less content, pin less. If you have more, pin more.

I personally am pinning at the time of writing this post under 50 times per day only because I haven’t been great a writing blog posts and don’t have as much content as I want.

I have a client (which you will read more about below) who gets a lot of clicks and has a lot of content and therefore pins 125+ times a day. I have been working with her for over a year and a half and that is what has worked the best!

4. Followers on Pinterest matter more than anything

This one Pinterest myth in particular always ruffles my feathers because Pinterest is NOT a social media platform (little spoiler for the next myth) meaning it doesn’t rely on followers. Pinterest is a SEARCH ENGINE that allows you to follow people if you want to but in fact, the majority of your traffic isn’t even going to come from your followers. It’s going to come from search, related pins, and the smart feed.

Let me explain deeper before someone slices my face open, followers do not hurt you on Pinterest. They do help you but they don’t make or break you like they do on Instagram.

3. Pinterest is a Social Media Platform

Gosh this is a HUGE myth that always bothers me and you already know it’s not (if you read the last myth) but people that don’t understand or know Pinterest will just automatically say its a social media platform and that boils my blood. Pinterest has come out and told us that they ARE NOT a social media platform… so why do you keep saying that they are?

Anyway, Pinterest is a VISUAL SEARCH ENGINE. Meaning that the main reason why they exist is to help people search for information in a different way from google. That is where the visualization comes in. SEO matters, Pin design matters, Not your latest status update.

I promise that if you try to use Pinterest like you do Facebook or Instagram, you will not see any success at all.

2. Pinterest Won’t Work for My Niche

I have worked with a lot of different niches through my programs and services and I have not ONCE found a niche that Pinterest will not work for. Did you know that there are 300 MILLION users on Pinterest? Did you also know that Millennials are using Pinterest the same amount that they are using Instagram? Well, fun fact, they are and there is!

Pinterest has the ability to work for any niche because it allows you to get so specific with your target audience that you will find them on the platform. If you are having issues with Pinterest and finding your correct niche, feel free to message me on Instagram!

1. Someone with High Pinterest Monthly Viewers = TONS of Website Traffic

This might be the biggest Pinterest myth out there and something that really actually genuinely upsets me because people use this as a way to deceive others into purchasing their courses and products.

Just because someone has 3 Million or more monthly viewers does not mean they get a lot of traffic to their website.

In fact, you could have 10 million monthly viewers and get NO traffic to your website on Pinterest. The monthly viewer’s number is a fluff number that actually means NOTHING. The only numbers that mean something are clicks, engaged audience, and engagements. That’s it.

While I am setting fire to all the course and product creators trying to exploit people, let me explain something else as well.

Monthly viewers account for ALL of the pins on your account. Not just your website pins. Meaning, when someone says they are getting 50k clicks per month, MAKE SURE, and I mean, MAKE SURE, that they are actually getting those clicks to their URL ONLY. There is a way that you can check this.

Here is an example of a current client’s account that I have been working with for over a year and a half. She gets anywhere between 180k clicks per month and 250k clicks per month on Pinterest.

As you can see here, on the bottom left-hand corner there is a highlighted section. This helps you section out your CLAIMED accounts. Because I don’t just have her website selected, its showing stats for all of the pins on her account. Hers and others. This could be VERY VERY deceiving to people that don’t understand how Pinterest works and could very easily make them purchase something just to waste their money and get false information. (aka not okay.)

This image shows the difference between ALL pins on my client’s account and just HER pins. Granted, we have worked together for a very very long time and have done an amazing job at getting 99% of the traffic on her account to go only to her website. Even though at first glance you can’t tell much of a difference, there is a difference in the numbers.

SO please, make sure that when you are purchasing something that shows “proof” that the person is ONLY showing you the stats of their CLAIMED account.

Now that we have finished going through all these Pinterest myths and also catching scammers, what myth surprised you the most? Let me know down below and if you have any questions about anything mentioned in this post, please feel free to email me or send me a message on Instagram!

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