Pinterest Changes 2020

There has been uproar in the community recently due to the new Pinterest changes and right alongside of them, the Tailwind changes. This post may seem a little late in the game but it’s because I wanted to sit down and REALLY go through what all of these changes mean for you and if there is really that much to worry about! 

I just like others in this community heard about the changes and instantly freaked out because change is always scary. BUT when you let the anxiety settle, it becomes more clear that these changes really don’t mean that much, or at least they shouldn’t if you have been doing Pinterest right!

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Why Tailwind? 

Tailwind has been thrown into this post is because they have recently drastically changed its platform to include something called “SmartGuide and SpamGuard”. What these two things do is make sure you are pinning alongside the best practices that Pinterest and Tailwind have laid out for you. They also are technically here to help you NOT get your account suspended. 

This SmartGaurd “limits” you to pinning 50 times a day (you will have the ability to relax this feature though) Tailwind actually did a Facebook live WITH PINTEREST that you can check out here if you would like to but I was actually somewhat disappointed with the outcome. 

Tailwind chatted with Pinterest Program Partners Manager, Lucy Matthews, for a VERY short period of time and the only thing I really got out of it was this: 

  1. Pinterest will never share the true keys to their platform because that would open up many avenues for people to abuse the system
  2. Relevant and Fresh content is the most important on Pinterest

Now, point 1 surprised me but also didn’t at the same time. Granted, Pinterest is never going to give out all the information you need to succeed because like I mentioned above, it gives people the power to abuse and misuse their platform which is never okay or good. Point 2 has been preached by Pinterest and Tailwind for basically the last year or more. 

The answer to EVERY SINGLE QUESTION on this live with Pinterest resulted in the same answer. Relevant and Fresh. You could tell people in the comments were getting upset and irritated because they wanted more in-depth answers. “What makes something relevant?” was a question I saw a lot! 

UPDATED 3/1: Tailwind answered a ton of questions about creating fresh content and what that really means in a new video that you can find here.

So, now that you are caught up, what do these new Pinterest changes mean for you? 

  1. Writing NEW blog posts is more important than ever before
    • Why? Because Pinterest has made it VERY clear that they want fresh new content for their users and if you want to continue to do well then you need to get to writing! 
  2. Repurposing content is more important than ever
    • This means making your blog posts into YouTube videos, making podcasts into blog posts, etc. This gives you additional NEW URLs that you can share and more content that you can create pins on. 
  3. No more duplicate pins
    • Meaning, basically only share NEW pins that you have created. Don’t repin the same pins to the same boards anymore UNLESS they are viral pins. That is my advice to you. Tailwind and Pinterest are really telling you not to pin duplicates anymore unless it’s seasonal but I am saying if the pin goes viral, by pinning it again, you’ll be able to keep it viral for a little longer. 
  4. New Pins AND New Descriptions are more important than ever
    • If you have just been copying and pasting your descriptions on new pins then that does not mean it is fresh content.
    • A fresh pin = new pin image (that has never been shared on Pinterest before) + new description. Don’t cheat yourself on success because you don’t want to take a few moments to write a new keyword-rich description! 
  5. The algorithm is LOVING Fresh NEW Content
    • While Pinterest said in their first video with Tailwind about these changes that they weren’t giving priority to new URLs (aka new blog post links) I personally have found through my research that the algorithm is favoring new URLs as well as new pins and new descriptions.

And that just about wraps up what this new Pinterest changes and Tailwind updates! If you have any questions I would be happy to chat with you in the comments, via email or on Instagram if that is more your style! 

If you would like to sign up to utilize Tailwind for Pinterest to be safe from getting your account shut down and its accompanying features via a free trial, you can find that here.

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