Pinterest can be THE top traffic referrer to your blog, get you sales daily for your business and more. Its all about how you utilize it and the foundation you create.

This 5-Day Pinterest Challenge will cover the following topics:

Day 1: What Pinterest Can Do for Your Business

What can Pinterest do for your business? I am uncovering the true power of Pinterest and explaining exactly what it can do for your business with actual case studies and accounts.

Day 2: Setting Up Your Account

Setting up your account may seem easy but trust me, it actually takes some time! We are going to go through optimizing your Pinterest profile to ensure your foundation is set.

Day 3: SEO Friendly and Strategic Blog Writing

Here I am explaining how important writing strategically really is and going over a few of the best SEO tactics to making your posts go viral.

Day 4: Creating Pins for Your Landing Pages and Posts

Pins are not as easy as just putting words or pictures on canva and pinning them. They aren’t just about being pretty either. You have to know the colors, put the thought in your titles and more!

Day 5: Automating and List Building

What if I told you there was a way to automate Pinterest? Well guess what, there is a way! Automating Pinterest does cut down on the number of hours you spend working on the platform BUT it still does involve a lot of work. I will be introducing you to Tailwind and building your email list!

More Info About the Challenge

The challenge will be run in a Facebook group closed to only that purchase access. The content will be taught by videos, workshops, static posts, Facebook Lives, etc. You’ll also have a chance to engage with others in the group and grow your Pinterest following as well! There will be an exclusive Pinterest group board for just our challenge where we all will repin others content!

This Challenge is for you if...

  • You have a blog and a desire to sell digital products
  • You’re already bringing money into your business but it's not enough. You're looking to scale big but you're not sure the direction you need to take to get there.
  • You're looking for a long-term strategy to build a sustainable passive income stream that will only snowball into more as the months go on.
  • You desire to make the bulk of your money behind the scenes. Repeatedly launching masterminds, group programs, and trying to fill your 1:1 spots just to hit your income goals feels exhausting.