Pinning Profit is a self-paced blogging + Pinterest course and group coaching program. It is specifically for bloggers and online entrepreneurs that want to make money passively through selling digital content with Pinterest. I teach you the Pinterest strategy that has made me and my clients $5k-$10k a month as well as how to create a digital content empire around your specific niche. This program also comes with a special bonus mini course that teaches you how to make money within the first 30 days of joining!

Due to the lack of online support for blogging and Pinterest courses, Pinning Profit was created with support in mind. With the world ever changing, new strategies arising, and algorithms updating, a course without support shouldn’t exist!


Hustling Your Butt Off with Little to No Results

You’re throwing all your time and money cranking out content, growing social media audiences, and researching ways to become profitable. Heck, you just don't know if you can put another word on a page or do one more google search.

Unsure Reach your Ideal Audience

You know they're out there, but how do you get in front of them? You feel like you’ve tried every strategy on Google and YouTube, but haven’t seen the community or growth that “big bloggers” seem to find.

You are Losing Motivation

You worry that there are just too many blogs online already. You find yourself asking, “how many lifestyle blogs does the world really need?” You’re worried you won’t be able to stand out and make a difference.

Frustrated by all the Conflicting Information Given

You have spent HOURS researching, googling, listening, and watching all the "blogging gurus" tell you how to grow your blog and make money yet NONE of them are working for you. You keep hearing the same things repeated yet no one actually wants to teach you how to do it.

Sick of working at a 9-5 that makes you depressed and unhappy

You wake up every day dreading your 9-to-5 because you know you are destined for bigger and better things. Your days thinking about your creative passion, wishing your blog was your day job instead. (P.S I've been there!)

Lean in and take a look at what you'll learn inside
each of the Pinning Profit Modules:

The Profitable Blogging Strategy

Success can't happen without a strategy so that is what I am teaching you first! I am walking you through everything you need to know, answer, and write down to create the perfect blogging strategy.

Digital Product Creation

Digital products are the key to fast, consistent, and passive income. I am not only teaching you how to create digital product but I am also helping you craft an offer that your audience won't be able to refuse!

Creating Landing Pages + Sales Pages

Landing pages and sales pages are a HUGE part of success in creating that passive income I keep talking about. In this section, myself and an expert will be talking to you about all the moving pieces to successful pages.

Laying the CORRECT Pinterest Foundation

9/10 bloggers don't have the correct Pinterest foundation and then wonder why they aren't successful. I am teaching you how to update and lay the correct Pinterest foundation from SEO and optimization to group boards and more.

Automating with Tailwind's Melissa Megginson

That is right! We are having the one and only Melissa Megginson from Tailwind come to teach you everything you need to know about the tool! Tailwind is critical for success as a blogger and entrepreneur on Pinterest and I wanted to make sure you got the best information possible!

The Profit on Autopilot Pinterest Strategy

I will teach you THE strategy that has made me and my clients thousands of dollars every single month so you can have that success and growth too. This strategy works for ANY niche, in ANY business. Lets make you that money!

Prioritizing your Profits

When you start making money, you are going to get overwhelmed with the amount of things that you need to do. That is where prioritization comes into play. I am teaching you HOW to prioritize your daily tasks to ensure that everything you do goes towards progress or profit.

What makes Pinning Profit So Special?

Just in case you thought you could slip through the
cracks unnoticed, you should know…

Pinning Profit is your step-by-step guide to actually creating a successful and profitable blog. As in, you WILL be making money from your blog during this program. Not only is it a self-paced course, but it is also a group coaching program that will give you the support you need to vent, troubleshoot, and succeed.

On to the good stuff! Here is EVERYTHING you get:

8 Module Trainings (aka the Framework!)

Everything inside Pinning Profit has been tested in the digital streets before making it into the program. You can rest easy knowing you’ll receive step-by-step, proven strategies for growing and monetizing your blog. Guaranteed.

Value $2000

*Included in Pinning Profit

Exclusive Monthly Events

Each month I will be jumping on a group coaching call with you to answer questions, deep dive into your blog/business and help you succeed. There will be initially 2 calls each month. One Q&A call and one hot seat call.

Hot seat calls will involve two members each getting 30-minutes each with Hannah to deep dive into your blog/business and answer any specific questions you have.

Value $2300

*Included in Pinning Profit

High-quality workbooks, worksheets and exercises:

You’ll be handed everything you need to create your money-making blog (no matter what). Each module has its own unique set of downloads. Some have workbooks, some have worksheets, templates, exercises and more. This is an interactive course created to help you succeed with your blog.

Value $700

*Included in Pinning Profit

Members Only Community

Pinning Profit comes with a private, 24/7 member-only community that’s filled with bloggers and entrepreneurs just like you, ready to create consistent income. This is your space for asking questions, getting answers, celebrating your wins and connecting with your like-minded and like-hearted peers.

Value $1000

*Included in Pinning Profit

Exclusive Trainings from Hannah and Guest Experts

Inside Pinning Profit, the learning is never done. There will be exclusive trainings from guest experts and myself to give you more bonuses, content, and the support you need to be successful. Not everyone's path to success will be the same which is why having guest experts is a MUST.

Value $1700

*Included in Pinning Profit

Plus, you’ll receive these extra hot bonuses:

Bonus 1: Ultimate Pin Creation Workshop

Because Pin creation is SO important to success on Pinterest, as a bonus you will receive Hannah's ULTIMATE pin design workshop to teach you how to create a viral pin as well as how to bulk create pins in record time

Value $900

*Included in Pinning Profit

Bonus 2: 30 Days to Profit Mini-Course

This bonus mini-course will teach you how to make money within 30-days of joining the program. I am putting my money where my mouth is and right up front, showing you that I know what I am talking about!

*30-days is subject to you following any and all steps before due dates.

Value $1500

*Included in Pinning Profit

Bonus 3: Instagram & Email Marketing + Funnel Modules

Although this course is specifically about creating passive income through your blog with Pinterest, there are some other moving parts that will help you create more income with very little added work. These three modules will help fill in the gaps to other popular methods to blogging, making this the ULTIMATE blogging program.

Value $1200

*Included in Pinning Profit

Bonus 4: The Color-Coded 2-4 Hour Work Day Calendar

Don't you wish you could just sit down at your computer and know EXACTLY what you need to do and when it needs to be done every single day? This, is that!

Wouldn't it be nice if you planned your schedule so you only had to work 2-4 hours a day? This teaches you how to do that too!

In this bonus mini-course, I am teaching you how I create my color-coded 2-4 hour work day so I am prioritizing on autopilot and able to spend less time working & more time enjoying!

Value $1100

*Included in Pinning Profit

As founding members you ALSO receive:

A BONUS 30-Minute 1-on-1 Strategy Call with Hannah*

On this bonus call, NOTHING is off the table. You can ask me any questions you have about blogging, making money, success for bloggers and I will do my absolute best to answer every single one of them!

*Must fill out an application by Wednesday, January 29th at 10 am EST

Access to Hannah Via Voxer for 30 Days*

As a founding member, I want to make sure you not only have the support the program offers but also support via me for the first 30 days of joining. You will get access to me via Voxer and I will answer all of your questions within 48 hours of receiving them.

*Must fill out an application by Friday, January 31st at 11:59 pm EST



A payment plan option to join Pinning Profit
$ 67 12 PAYMENTS


Get in for life!
$ 670 ONE TIME
  • SAVE $134


12 sales within 72 hours of launching my course

I was able to make 12 sales within 72 hours of launching my course thanks to Pinning Profit! Hannah has done an excellent job of teaching everything from having the proper mindset to succeed to a Pinterest strategy. It’s amazing! The course is well laid out, easy to follow and is a minefield of information. Follow the instructions step-by-step, do the work and success will be on your horizon!

Amber Fox, Blue Eyed Chica

Almost Triple the traffic with months as high as 250k clicks to my website

Hannah has been handling my Pinterest account for over a year now, and it’s been such a relief to take that off my plate and know it’s in hands I can trust. Hannah has been able to almost triple my traffic with Pinterest in the time we have been working together seeing months as high as 250k clicks a month from the platform alone. Steady growth, quality pin creation, and her knowledge of the ever-changing platform makes her service invaluable.

Meaghan Pantoni, 4 Son 'R' Us

From 10k views a month to almost 500k in only a short few months

Hannah has been instrumental in growing my Pinterest account from about 10k views a month to almost 500k in only a few short months. I saw results almost immediately. She is a true professional with outstanding creative ideas for driving traffic to my blog and is someone that I turn to for her opinion on my next blog post or digital product should be. I’m so glad our paths crossed, and am looking forward to continuing to push to the next level.

Lauren Frank, Diapers 'N' Deadlines

My recipes are seen and shared, something that did not happen in the past

From the first phone call Hannah and I hit it off. From the get-go I knew exactly what to expect. I can tell you the task was huge. My Pinterest account was a complete mess and my numbers were low. After just one month, My recipes are seen and shared, something that did not happened in the past. All my boards look professional and well taken care of. Traffic is coming to the website steadily. I really enjoy the game plan that she implemented and all the different approaches that Hannah takes, not cookie cutter, but personalized, to ensure that we move in the right direction. So excited to see my business grow.

Giangi Townsend, Giangi's Kitchen

Applications Close in...


Get to know the brains behind Pinning Profit


Hannah Johnson is a blog and Pinterest specialist who is here to help bloggers and online entrepreneurs create consistent passive $5k+ months through Pinterest on autopilot.

Hannah launched her business 3 years ago as a junior in college. Just one year later, she created consistent and passive $5k+ months for her clients and herself.

She has since made it her mission to help and rescue a minimum of 500 bloggers/entrepreneurs in 2020 create profitable platforms that they can use to express themselves and make a living from.


The strategies inside the Pinning Profit Program have been tested for over three years on multiple accounts, niches and businesses. These strategies have given people the opportunity to make $5k a month, giving them the chance to quit their 9-5, scale their businesses, and more If you know blogging and entrepreneurship is for you and you want to create digital content to sell, it doesn’t matter where you’re starting from. Pinning Profit was made for you!

It all depends on how quickly you go through it. This is a self-paced course with group coaching support so you can go through as much or as little as you would like and I will be there to support you when you need it!

You can expect all content inside of Pinning Profit to not only be up to date but updated whenever things change!

I will be getting on 2 calls a month with you + as a founding member you get additional bonuses that give you additional access to me.

The value of Pinning Profit clocks in at $12,750 but the actual investment in the program is only $297 for founding members.

If you don’t already have it Tailwind will be critical for your success throughout this course. Through this program, you can get access for $90/year (comes out to $7.50 per month).

The second thing you will have to pay for to get started selling is a platform to host your products. I give multiple low-cost solutions (as low as $9/month) to make the investment as low as possible.

Other than that, everything used inside of Pinning Profit is free!

Short answer? NOPE!

All strategies taught inside of Pinning Profit are taught ORGANICALLY meaning its free traffic coming to you, no ads necessary.

Due to the digital nature of this course, there are no refunds. I am incredibly confident that this content will work for you and if you follow the step by step instructions, you could be making back what the program costs in under 30 days.

We’ve got more answers! Drop us an email with your Q’s at pinningprofit@gmail.com

Click the link below to fill out an application!