10 Reasons Why Your Blog Isn’t Growing 

So you either have just started out as a blogger or you have been at it for a few months and you are wondering why you aren’t growing. I get this question ALL the time so I thought it would make a great blog post topic! Here are 10 of the top reasons why your blog isn’t growing based on what I have seen in the community!

1. Your content marketing strategy stinks

If you are a blogger who has been told that creating an Instagram account + Facebook page and sharing your blog posts to it is the way you can get viewers on your blog, I am here to tell you that is wrong. This is a HORRIBLE content marketing strategy that is going to leave you with no traffic, stressed out, and will make you want to give up. 

Don’t try to be on Instagram, have a Facebook page, be on Pinterest, and YouTube, as well as try to blog. There are just too many things that you have going on there to even be remotely successful. That being said 

2. You aren’t on Pinterest

If you aren’t yet on Pinterest then you are definitely missing out. Pinterest has 300 million users that are visiting the platform to find services, products, blogs, and businesses that they love and want to invest in. The majority of the people on Pinterest are also coming to the platform to specifically make buying decisions which is where you can come in! Get on Pinterest, get your blog posts out there correctly AND start making some money!

If you are interested in how you can do this and make money within 30 days of getting serious with your blog, you can sign up to watch this free on-demand masterclass and learn how.

3. You are on Pinterest but you aren’t using it correctly

If you are someone who is saying “Hannah, I am on Pinterest but it’s still not working for me!” Chances are, you aren’t using the platform correctly. The thing with Pinterest is you have to build your account up like you would a house. If your house doesn’t have a steady foundation, it’s going to crack and fall to the ground. If your keywords aren’t right, your group boards are too full, you don’t have enough personal boards, etc, you are going to struggle to grow!

If you want to learn more about how to use Pinterest correctly you can check out my FREE Pinterest Starter Kit Course for Bloggers. (Coming soon!)

4. You aren’t writing enough

New fresh content is more important than ever with the new Pinterest update of January 2020. Pinterest wants their users to have the freshest and updated content possible. 

If you want to learn about why NEW content is more important than ever then you can read more here – Pinterest Updates of 2020

You should be posting a new blog post at least 2 times a week and going back and updating old blog posts and updating their URLs as well. If you update the URL inside of YoastSEO, it will update the link across Pinterest as well to ensure you don’t lose any old traffic you have coming to it through the old link. This new link gives you the option to give your old content a second life!

5. You aren’t being consistent

I hate to say this and sound like everyone else but consistency is key. Especially when trying to use Pinterest to grow your blog. If you are consistent and you are able to start either batch creating content or cranking out content on a weekly basis, Pinterest will start driving more traffic to your blog because you are giving them the most updated and recent information you have. (since you just wrote it!) Not only that, but your audience will start getting interested in keeping up with you via an email list, social media and more. All around being consistent is difficult, but something that will really take your blog to the next level!

6. You aren’t clear on your audience or your niche is too broad

If you are finding that you are doing all the things in this post yet still not growing, this is probably your problem. Too many times people go for the “lifestyle and beauty” or “lifestyle and fitness” blogger thing but they are too generic. You have to think about what makes you different and what VALUE you are giving to your readers. People aren’t just going to come to your blog to learn about your life. Harsh but true. Only family and friends are here to do that. So you need to be very specific and understand that people want to come to your blog to learn about something. Regardless of what your blog topic is, there is always something that you can teach and people can learn from!

If you want to get more clear on your audience and niche you can learn more here (Coming Soon!)

7. You are letting fear get the best of you

Ah fear. Fear is one of the biggest, scariest reasons that your blog isn’t growing. You get into your own head and prevent yourself from being successful. It’s a mix of fear of failing, procrastination due to the fear of failing, and actually failing. Everyone fails. The ones that are successful, get back up after they fail. I have failed multiple times and continue to on a daily basis. Does that make me a horrible blogger? A bad person? Nope, just makes me human! 

You will NEVER be successful if you let the fear of failure get to you. You will also never be successful if you don’t get outside your comfort zone. Comfort zones are soft and fluffy and there to protect you. But growth doesn’t happen there! 

8. You are sharing but not actually showing up on social media

So many creators do this on a daily basis. You share on social media, you are posting, you are using hashtags, you are doing everything “correctly” but you aren’t actually SHOWING UP. See, sharing and showing up are two VERY different things. Sharing means you are going through the motions. You are trying to do things “the right way” and just see success from following other people’s methods.

Showing up, means you are invested. Not in the money, not financially, but in the relationships, you are creating on the platforms. You are SHOWING UP to help, to serve, and to create awesome relationships that will eventually determine how well your blog does. Relationships can equal loyalty. In both blog reading and purchasing. So, are you showing up or are you just sharing?

9. You aren’t engaging with your audience

You can’t expect an audience to engage with you if you aren’t going to engage back. It’s like those fights you get in, in relationships – “Why didn’t you text me?” “Well, you didn’t text me either?” Just get in there and engage! 

On social media, start commenting on your follower’s posts. For your email list, ask them to hit reply and ask their questions. Nothing is off the table. Be the person in the relationship that texts first or says good morning first. Put your neck out for your audience and you will see a return! You may have to do it a few times before they decide to trust you, but you also will have a more dedicated and engaged audience if you do. 

10. You need to revamp your blog

This is like a last case scenario reason. You could have the ugliest blog in the world and still be making money and growing your blog like crazy. HOWEVER, if your blog is hard to read, or hard to navigate, then it may be time to revamp it and redesign it. Your audience and reader needs to have a very easy way to navigate your site. An easy way to read your words.

Don’t use script fonts that are hard to read. Don’t make letters too small or way too big. Make good decisions on design aspects to your blog to make sure your readers have good experiences. 

If you are doing ALL of these things and still not seeing growth on your blog, I would love to have you connect with me via email or social so we can figure out if there is something deeper here! I would be happy to do a quick run-through of your plan (completely free) to see if we can make changes to make your blog healthy and grow! 

4 thoughts on “10 Reasons Why Your Blog Isn’t Growing 

  1. I think these are some awesome tips. I definitely need to crank out more content but it’s difficult with all the client work I have to get done! I’m going to try to look at my content marketing strategy as well. Thanks for this information! It got me thinking.

  2. Hi it’s Brenda from RubyHemMinistries.com Looks like I’m heading in the right direction but my blog is still new. Only time will tell. Thanks for these great tips.

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