4 Ways to Make Money Blogging

As bloggers, writing is our passion. Creating content is what drives us to success. But at some point, making money is a must and if you don’t pick the right way to monetize then you could be wasting hundreds of thousands of dollars and YEARS of your time. I have four ways listed below but only ONE way that I would truly recommend. 

1. Creating Digital Products (AKA the #1 way to make money on Blogging)

Creating digital products allows you to HELP people and get paid for your time over and over again. You can create templates, journals, eBooks, courses, video trainings, and more for your audience. They then can spend a couple of dollars on these things to make their lives better and compensate you for helping them. And this is something ANY niche can do! You aren’t “selling”, you are “helping”. Paired with a good marketing strategy (like one including Pinterest specifically) you will get people buying without even TALKING to you! It can’t get any better than that.

Sometimes when people hear “sell” or “product” they instantly shut down because they think it has something to do with MLM or some sleazy system. With blogging, that’s not true at all. Because you aren’t even talking to these people, you know you are speaking to them so much through the product that they want nothing more than to give you your money. 

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2. Ads

Ads are the second best and worst way to make money while blogging and the reason for that is because you need to have a lot of traffic in order to actually make money from them. We are looking at anywhere around $0.01 to $5.00 per 1,000 visitors. Aka, it would take you a lifetime to earn a living if you were just starting out. 

If you want to go the ads route, I recommend starting with digital products first and growing your blog presence while making some money so you can get to the point where you are getting a significant amount of people reading your blog. When I say significant, I mean like 25k to 30k people per month. 

I have helped a few clients create consistent $5k to $7k months with just ads through their blog because they averaged 200,000 sessions a month to their blog. So once you have substantial traffic this is a good option to make side income but I wouldn’t recommend having this be your number one source of traffic. 

3. Affiliate Links

Affiliate links are probably my least favorite way to make money while blogging because it involves you selling other people’s stuff for them and in return, you get a small cut. And when I say small, I mean like a couple of dollars because its only typically 20-30% of the sale. 

However, just because it’s my least favorite way doesn’t mean you won’t like it which is why I included it in this post! There are many bloggers out there that make a living through affiliate links but as with ads, you really have to have somewhat of an audience that trusts you and wants what you are sharing to make money. Affiliate links and brand deals go together quite well, however, now that Instagram influencers have blown up, it’s getting not only more competitive to get a good affiliate deal but its also very likely that you are going to get screwed over by the brand. 

That being said, with affiliate links what happens is the brand or company gives you a unique link that you share on your blog, social media and anywhere else you want to, then when people purchase a product through the link, you make money and so does the brand. So it’s like a partnership, it’s just not 50/50. 

4. Brand Deals

Brand deals are an honest way to make money while blogging but again, just like the two before, you typically have to have a significant amount of traffic to get paid the big bucks from brands. Not only that but it’s getting harder and harder to get brand deals because of Instagram Influencing and also because brands are getting stingier and stingier with their marketing. 

Brand deals are great if you can get them planned out enough in advance so you feel comfortable but I personally have never had consistent brand deals from month to month. I do know plenty of people that do, I just, however, am not one of them! 

Pairing any two or three or even four of these ways to make money blogging will give you a great amount of $ in your pocket. What I would recommend doing is starting with digital products, moving to ads and affiliate links and focusing on brand deals last. When you do that, you could start making money within 45 days of blogging, (I teach you how to do this inside of my membership) get paid thousands of dollars via specific brands that YOU want to work with, and still be making passive income through affiliate links and ads. 

Now that you have the information on the different ways you can make money via your blog, what are you going to start with? Let me know in the comments below or you can send me a message via Instagram if you have ANY questions at all! 

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