Life Update

Hey there! Long time no talk! I have been such a busy bee its crazy!

It has been months, yes seriously months since I sat down and actually wrote about my life. I can’t really believe that. There is a reason which I will get into later but I am trying to do more writing because I love it!

So the first thing you will notice is that I have a new website! That has been one of the big things that I have been working on/continuously working on that I am excited to share! I finally was able to learn some code, create a website that I “love(d)” at the time (I plan on changing it again soon oops!) and am now getting into actually writing content again. One thing you will also notice is that it’s not my typical lifestyle and beauty blog. I have adopted blogging as a category!

The reason for that will bring me to explain my next bit of exciting news! At the beginning of October, I actually launched my first ever e-course for bloggers and influencers. I put a lot of time and work into it (aka why I haven’t been blogging like normal) and it’s finally out in the world.

For those that are wondering what it is, its essentially a course that goes through all of the information one would need if they wanted to start a blog, master Pinterest for their blog or biz, or start working with brands. If you are looking for more info on it, I can send you to this page here!

With the recent launch, I have decided to finally calm down, sit back and enjoy life because I feel like I have been almost living two lives for the last few months and going back to school to start my senior year made me feel like I was living three.

One involves being a college student, one being an intern, and one being a blogger/influencer.

Before I went back to school I started a new job at ImpressArt! They create the tools and metal blanks to make hand stamped and personalized jewelry. I am a PR and social media intern for them and I actually am really enjoying myself! I love doing crafts (just ask my family) and I love being artsy and of course, making personalized gifts doesn’t hurt either! I am super thankful for this internship (as I was with all of mine) but with this one specifically because I am able to sit in on some serious business meetings and not just learn about social media and PR but also about the business and marketing side of things which I never was really able to do before.

Another really big thing that I think I need to shed light on is the fact that this was the FIRST summer I had ever spent away from home. If you have been *trying* to follow me for a little while, you will know back in May I finally got my first apartment with my lovely boyfriend (Who yes I am still with!) Since then I have been living the adult life trying to pay rent and feed myself. I really never realized how much food I ate but darn…

I will say that being away from home was tough. Especially with my brother leaving for school. I didn’t get to spend as much time with my family as I wanted to but I guess that’s what I get for leaving home right?

I did have some awesome experiences this summer though. One of which being able to watch that brother of mine graduate! (Even if it was only for a day) Back in middle school we never thought he would do it because he hated school so much but here we are six years later and the *MAN* has gone all the way to Texas for school. I couldn’t be more proud and I couldn’t be happier for him! Also, shout out to his girlfriend Em for also graduating and going to Texas as well for school! So proud I could cry with all these achievements!

One of the reasons why I have obsessed over owning my own business and being a blogger/influencer is because I can do it from anywhere. I can manage Pinterest accounts, write blog posts, help other people and post on Instagram from anywhere in the world. Meaning I could be where ever I am living at the moment or I could take an unexpected vacation to where ever my family happens to be at that time! I say that because my Momma got a new job and moved out of VT too and I also am so happy and proud of her as well!

I know dad won’t ever leave that hill as much as he says he wants to sometimes, but in a way that makes me extremely happy because one day I will be able to bring my kids (hopefully) to my childhood home and show them where I was a little devil child!

The biggest takeaway that I have had from my summer from home/time at school is to look at the positives as much as you can and remember the little things. Enjoy the moment that you are in because it’s not going to last forever.

One thing that was really funny to me when my brother and his girlfriend were leaving for college was that Em said to me, “Hannah I don’t know how you do this. I feel like I’m running around with my head cut off.” To me, it made me feel pretty good (I know that sounds so bad but let me explain) For the last many years, my life has been split in so many different ways. What I mean by that is I have school and I have home and I have mom and dad and grandparents and a brother and a boyfriend and I can promise you right now, there is NOT enough time in the day/year/life for me to spend equal time with everyone.

That being said, if you have ever seen me when I was home, 9 times out of 10 I am running around with my head completely cut off. Trying to make sure I spend time with this person and that person, making sure that the grandparents see me and that I am spending time with mom and dad and jake and making sure my car gets fixed and I get my teeth clean and the doctors see me and getting my life essentially figured out. (Talk about a run on sentence huh?)

It kind of made me feel good when Em said that to me because I thought for just a second someone finally felt how I felt. Every single one of my family members including her asked me why I am acting like such a crazy person when I come home and its because they don’t get it. My brother even got mad at me one time because I was trying so hard to make sure I spent time with everyone. It’s not his fault. It’s not really an easy feeling or easy task to explain, but when she said that to me, I realized that I wasn’t alone. Maybe I started doing it a little earlier than everyone else but there comes a time in almost everyone’s life where they feel this way in some form.

Because of this feeling, I have not only learned to cherish my time more but to also take lots of pictures, remember the good times and realize that I always have a home back in VT AND that not much will have changed when I get back.

I have missed a lot of things being at school. A lot of things that I will regret missing. But you learn to let it go and try to miss as little as possible!

You may be thinking to yourself…what is the point of this post again? Well…there isn’t one. Honestly, I just wanted to put a little bit more of me into my website so that it wasn’t just blogging tips and beauty posts. I feel like there was so much more I could have told you here but as I get further and further down this third page I realize that not everything can be said in one post!

If you have made it this far, I thank you for reading my random post about life and I hope you will stick around in the future! If you did like this type of casual talkity post, let me know in the comments either below or if you came from Facebook on there! I never really know if this is something people enjoy reading because there’s seriously NO point to the post (Insert laughing emoji face) Either way, thank you again for reading this far!

Until next time,


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