16 Things you Should do Before Launching a Blog

You’re ready to launch your blog you say? I urge you to read this blog post and check off all 16 of these things before launching! Now not EVERYTHING on this list is something that needs to be done professionally. 

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For example, the first thing is creating a brand guide. You don’t need to pay a graphic designer to do it, just simply google a template on Pinterest, open up Canva and copy down the most important information (see below for specifics). Do what you can but don’t beat yourself up over these things! I have put these specific things on this list because I know they will come in handy in the long run and you will thank me later!

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1. Create a Brand Guide 

Pinterest Screenshot do this before launching your blog

When I say create a guide, I mean like googling or going on Pinterest and finding a quick template that you can then put on Canva and copy with your branding colors, font sizes, and names and logos. This just helps you keep your branding super consistent across all of your platforms and you will be able to look back on this guide if for example, you get a new computer and all of your loaded fonts are gone.

2. Figure out Your Niche and Brainstorm Content Ideas

This is something you probably have already done before reading this post but it’s important to remember what your niche is and not branch out too much from it. Expanding into other categories is going to confuse your audience and make it hard for Pinterest to refer traffic to your site. I love to keep a running google doc that basically is my brain dump or brainstorming page. This is where I put all the ideas that come to me at random parts of the day or if I am having a brainstorming session. 

3. Get a Self-Hosted Blog before Launching


Getting a self-hosted blog is critical for success. I say that because when you self-host, you own everything you put out on the blog. EVERYTHING. It also shows that you are serious about blogging and you have your own branded domain for people to come to for all things you and your business. If you are wondering what self-hosted site I would recommend, it’s Siteground. They have THE BEST customer service I think I have ever seen with a hosting site and they are super quick to answer your questions. I have never once had an issue with my website not loading or going down since changing to this host and it’s honestly the only one I can recommend, it is that good!

4. Sign up to Use Elementor for Free


Elemetor is an amazing drag and drop software that you install into a WordPress site and it allows you to create STUNNING pages. I am in love with it and highly recommend the free version for anyone creating a blog and trying to be full time. It’s great for your home page, landing pages, about page and so many more. You can get lost in the design aspect so try not to do that but if you are on a budget and want to create your website yourself, this is a great place to start. 

5. Create an Easy to Use but Stunning Theme

When I say create, I mean pick a nice theme and then edit that theme inside with Elementor. If you aren’t super tech-savvy that’s fine but you should still create a beautiful home page that ISN’T your static posts. Please also make sure that your header isn’t ridiculously large or pixilated. My issue with websites is if they don’t look nice, I don’t care if the content is great, I won’t stay. So keep that in mind when you are creating a website! 

6. Have 7-10 Blog Posts Written before Launching

Google Docs

Before you launch your blog, you should ideally have 7-10 evergreen pillar posts. What I mean by this is each of your blog posts can be valued any time of the year and they never expire. The content should also be core content that your readers can learn and indulge in when they visit your site. You will build on these posts with more as time goes on but these will be core posts you can refer your readers too if they have basic questions on your topic. 

7. Have a Pinterest Business Account and Optimize that Account

Pinterest Business Account

Pinterest, when utilized correctly, will become your top referrer to your blog and can get you thousands on thousands of viewers. I highly recommend you grab yourself a Pinterest Business account and optimize that account with keywords found on the platform. To find those keywords, utilize the autofill aspect of search. Start there and sprinkle those keywords throughout your profile, boards, bio, and pins. 

8. Purchase Tailwind and Get It Ready to Use 

Tailwind.com. Step 8 to launching your blog

If you are using Pinterest to gain blog views, Tailwind is a must. I require it for my 1:1 Pinterest services and I highly recommend it to you as well. If you are interested in getting $30 off an annual subscription, click here

Tailwind is a scheduler for Pinterest that allows you to maximize your traffic and profits if you happen to be selling something. If you are interested in why you should get Tailwind for Pinterest, you can read more here. 

9. Create an Instagram and Prepare Content for at least 60 Days before Launching

Creating an Instagram for your blog will help to filter traffic but before you launch it, you should try to prepare at least 60 days of content (I like to do three months). The reason for this is because you most likely also have a 9 to 5 job that takes up most of your time and you cannot be spending millions of hours promoting your blog posts after launching your blog. On thing 15 you’ll see I included a free scheduling software for social media to make promoting your posts EVEN easier but you have to have the content to share first. (Think quotes, blog post images, etc.)

10. Create a Content Calendar 

If you feel a little lost in how you are going to create two months of content for social media, that is where your content calendar comes in. You can map out which blog posts are going to go live when to create content on social media around that time. You can then schedule that content out and have two months of automated stuff done for you! This way you can spend more time creating more content or pursuing other aspects of your newly growing business!

11. Learn How to Batch Content before Launching

Batching content is one of the best skills I have ever learned. It allows you to get more done in a shorter amount of time by writing say 3 blog posts in one sitting rather than sitting down three separate times in a week to write instead. The main reason why batching is so great is because when you sit down to, for example, create content, you are already on a roll and you don’t want to stop if that is the case. 

12. Sign up for Canva to Make Design Content for Free

Canva.com. Step 12 to launching your blog

I create the majority of my pins in Canva. I have more recently been using OVER but because they don’t have a desktop app yet (coming soon) sometimes I have to pop back into Canva to adjust a few things. Canva and OVER are both free platforms that you can use to create pins, social media posts, graphics for your blog posts and more. The options are endless. You can even use it to create freebies to get people to sign up for your email list! Head over and check them both out. 

13. Create an Email Address for Your Blog with Gmail before Launching

Creating an email address for your blog is super important. You don’t want to be using hannahlovescats@hotmail.com for your blog. That’s just not right! Jump on google and create a free email address for your blog. It can be something as simple as yourblogname@gmail.com and use that as a way to communicate with your audience. This is critical to do before launching!

14. Make a Facebook Page for your Blog

Create a Facebook Page. Step 14 to launching your blog

As I mentioned in thing nine, creating social media profiles on all of the platforms is a critical step for your blog. If you only create one, CREATE A FACEBOOK PAGE. Facebook is a great way to grow your following and also is a little easier to keep up with than Instagram. I highly recommend you do both but I wanted to add a separate thing in here about Facebook because when I first started out, that is how my personal friends and family viewed my latest blog posts and it was super helpful. 

15. Create a Later Account

Later.com. Step 15 to launching your blog

Later is an awesome social media scheduler that lets you schedule to Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter seamlessly. If you are someone that happens to be working another job while trying to get your blog off the ground, you know you don’t have hours to spend promoting your posts and thankfully Later is super helpful for that! They have a free platform and you can pay to upgrade for more features if you want but if you are on a budget I highly recommend just utilizing the free version before launching. Check them out and let me know what you think.

16. Download the Grammarly Plugin

Grammarly Plugin. last step before launching your blog

Last but not least, signup and install Grammarly on your computer. This little plugin has saved my butt hundreds of thousands of times when I am writing blog posts, emails, and notes in general. Grammarly helps you catch little mistakes and also adjusts your sentences to sound more professional if that is what you are going for. I love it, and it’s free so you should definitely take advantage and sign up!

Wow, that is a lot of things to get through! I hope you are able to check all of these things off your list before launching your blog because they will make your life SO much easier in the future when you are trying to juggle a million things. Comment below with your new blog once you have got it launched! I would love to check it out!

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