How to Take Your Own Photos

No insta boyfriend? No best friend to follow you around and take photos of you? That’s TOTALLY okay! You don’t need anyone but yourself!

I have been taking my own photos for a little over half a year now and it’s absolutely amazing. I started this whole “blogging” thing back in March and I kept asking myself why I felt like I was missing something. Come the end of March I realized it was the pictures for Instagram. I would scroll through my account and see all of these beautiful photos of these people and quickly realized I needed an Insta BFF or an Insta Boyfriend to help me out.

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Well, I had neither at the time. I am not really someone that does well when it comes to relying on others to help me out because I feel like I am bothering them and it’s just easier to do things myself. My boyfriend is also not really someone that will take pictures of me for hours at a time, that’s just not his style.

From here, a million meltdowns later, I bought myself a remote (I already had a tripod and a camera (thanks mom!)) and I started taking my own photos. I was really hard at first and I’ll get to that below but the one thing, the MOST important thing that I can tell you, is to have fun and don’t care what others think.

How to start

(I am so sorry these photos are so horrible. I meant to take a picture of this at the beach but sadly… didn’t realize that I had forgotten until I was walking back into my house)

To start taking your own photos all you need is a camera (or phone) a tripod, and a remote (or a self-timer if you want to do it that way)

You don’t need a huge backdrop or really anything. Just go outside and explore!

Equipment: Tripod, Phone Holder if you wanted to do that, Remote if you have a different camera

Here is the Tripod itself: $12.96 
The Remote: $9.99 
The phone part that is interchangeable: $12.95 (I use this when I don’t want to get my camera out or when I am trying to take flatlays and want to use my phone) 

(Don’t mind the upside down Nikon cover)

The biggest part of taking your own photos:

Don’t care what people think

I say this with the biggest heart in the world…people are buttheads. They really are. They will stare and point and laugh and make funny faces all to make themselves feel better. But when you’re making money instead of spending it on a photographer… you can laugh back and feel sorry for them because they are stuck at their 9-5 job while you’re living your best life.

Have fun

Having fun is also the most crucial part of this experience. If you aren’t having fun, the photos aren’t going to turn out nice! It’s plain and simple!

With having fun, candids are the best pictures to take. I know its kind of hard because you’re the one pressing the button on the remote, so how candid can it actually be right?

But you can actually accomplish it. If you are constantly taking photos something is bound to happen that you didn’t plan for and you get your reaction. If you have an animal that makes things even better!

Here is one “candid” photo that I managed to take of myself on the beach. Honestly, I was thinking to myself “I am going to look like an idiot spinning in front of this camera and it’s not even going to get a good picture” but it did! I did look like an idiot but I absolutely loved it!

You’re probably going to have to take 1000 to get 3 good ones but that’s the fun of it. You might think they turned out bad when you’re in the field but don’t sell yourself too short.


Cons: Don’t have much zoom control. Your kind of going to have to guess and take a shot in the water. I find the best ones are just not really up-close photos because the focus is hard to get with those as well, but you can do anything if you try hard enough

Not only that but you also have to make sure you’re in focus.

Although you don’t have too much zoom control, that doesn’t really matter as much because you can fix most of your issues with an editing software.

Pros: you don’t need to depend on anyone. This is the biggest thing for me.

I don’t have an Insta boyfriend following me around taking photos of me for two reasons:

  1. He doesn’t want too
  2. We are so busy we don’t really have time to do much together other than go to the movies here and there.

He is normally at work when I am available to do fun stuff and then when he comes home, were both too tired to do anything but eat and go to bed.

So, I decided to take my own photos!

Here are some other photos that I have taken of myself that have turned out to be my favorites.

[foogallery id=”407″]

Have you ever taken your own photos? Do you want to? Let me know in the comments below or send me a DM on Instagram! I would love to see your photos and I would also love to see how you do it!

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