How to Maximize Instagram with Just One Hour a Day

*This is a Guest Post from Josie Eacho with Hands On Social Media Marketing*

Let’s get down to it. The most important thing when using your Instagram for your business is making sure you have a solid foundation.

Setting A Solid Foundation

First, make sure you know why you’re on there. Cause someone told you so? Are you looking for brand awareness? More website traffic? Do you even like Instagram?

Next? Make sure your whole feed is on-brand. Your handle, your profile photo, bio, highlights, and content. What I am saying is, if your brand is not YOU or your face. Do not put your face in the profile photo. Logo. Brand colors. That is what should be all up in your highlights, profile photos, copy, everything.

Last, make sure you have content on there! 6 minimum. Get ‘em up there all within a week if you have to but you need to give people a reason to follow you! Give them something!

Your Basic Daily Schedule on Instagram:

60 Minutes – let’s slide it up! First, in the morning.

10 minutes – Post on your story

3 photos/slides at a time, caption your videos, use a sticker (maybe 2), share tagged content, specials, new items, news, and minimize your call to actions- people get confused.

10 minutes – Check out your notifications

DM’s, Comments, Mentions, Inquires, Tags, etc!

10 minutes – ENGAGE

Comment on other accounts, like their posts (4-6 at a time is OK!), watch their stories, ask questions!

Now, later on in the day…do it again!

10 minutes – Post on your story

Story mentions, tagged posts, behind the scenes, day in the life, etc

10 minutes – ENGAGE

This time find new accounts to engage with (brand awareness!!) search my location, hashtag, engagement on competition or on partner accounts

10 minutes – Check out your notifications

Don’t have enough to fill in 10 more minutes? Spend this time on engagement!

Why do this?

Because I said so! Just kidding, because Instagram says so!

Not to get techy but.. Instagram algorithm loves to see accounts on Instagram actually engaging with their audience. The more you are consciously engaging on the platform — the larger your reach will be! Instagram has all sorts of algorithms, one being for stories and one being for posts. The people that watch your stories, may never see your posts! That is why it is important you are engaging both with posts and stories.
Remember: Engagement does not mean slapping 5 emojis down as a comment or messaging the same thing to 20 of your followers. Be genuine. Read the caption, ask a question. Provide some sort of information that makes the reader want to check out your account more.

What you should do Weekly:

Create & Schedule Content

Need help? Use Later, Planoly, CoSchedule, Hootsuite or hire a social media manager!

Capture your Instagram Insights

Every week, at the same time, take some screenshots of your post insights, story insights, and your account insights!

Update your Highlights!

Yes! Go through your story insights and see what the most important stories are from your week, and allocate them to a highlight!

What you should do Monthly:

Check-in with Hashtags

Use all 30, make them not too big.. not too small..

Some # ideas: 5 for your brand/mission. 10 about what you do/items you sell. 10 of what your audience would use in their posts. 10 for the month. 10 for for the specific post you’re sharing!

Research Partner & Collab Accounts

Check out what they are posting, who’s commenting, etc and engage with whomever you can!

Okay, I know that was a lot of information but don’t you feel like you are ready to tackle Instagram now?? 10/10/10 in the morning. You can literally do this from your bed!! 10/10/10 throughout your day. 10 at lunch, 10 at dinner, 10 while in bed (again, I know!)

Making the most of your Instagram does not necessarily mean spending hours and hours on the platform. It simply means using what time you have, in the most effective manner.

If you want more information than what you got from this article, follow me on Instagram! Who doesn’t love free tips & tricks?

My name is Josie and I have been a social media manager for over 3 years now, Full-Time. 90% of my time working on my client’s accounts… is spent on Instagram. No joke. EVERYONE is on Instagram and it has the lowest bounce rate (when people click on your link and leave it right away) out of all the platforms. What does that mean? People are on the platform and are checking out businesses. Promise!

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