How to Create the Perfect Pin 

Learning to create the perfect pin can really help your pins do well. From getting the right dimensions to getting the right descriptions, it’s super easy to do it right and well.

Step 1: The Image

Image size and dimension is one of the most important aspects of creating a killer Pinterest pin. Pinterest says they want a 2:3 ration (aka 600px by 900px) BUT I have actually had amazing luck with 600px by 1200px.

When pinning product images, tutorial pins or anything else where you would like to use more than one picture, stick to four or less. Anything over four starts to get crowded and too messy.

Make sure that your text is readable on both Mobile devices and on the desktop versions of Pinterest. The ideal size for a mobile device is 20pt font.

I also recommend trying to make your pins consistent so that when someone sees your pin, they know it’s you!

Step 2: The Description

The description of your pin MUST give context. Also, creating a positive vibe and helping people imagine what they might do with the pin helps a lot as well!

Make sure you are writing evergreen content. Don’t stick to only writing seasonal descriptions because you want thoughtful, timeless copy since pins last forever.

As you can see from the pin above, there are two different descriptions. The ones you see from the rich pin part (we will get into next) and then the one that I actually wrote with hashtags. This gives the user more information about the post before clicking through to actually read.

The next part of this is making sure to use hashtags and keywords. Hashtags and keywords are so important when writing your description. They will make it not only easier to be searched but will also get you some impressions within the first week of your pin being on Pinterest.

Step 3: Rich Pins

Rich pins are a must because they display your website URL and also give your pin many other benefits that will help you rank higher in Pinterest search. As you can see there are a few different kinds. The first one is my pin and is an article pin which gives more information from the website. The second pin is a recipe pin that is also a rich pin.

It makes your pins stand out and also makes it easier for people to find what they are looking for. If you want to know how to activate rich pins, you can find out how to do so here. 

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