Pinterest is an amazing way to get thousands of viewers to your blog EVERY SINGLE MONTH! Yeah, that’s right, every month, consistently! The one thing about consistency that I am going to share with you is that YOU have to be consistent with your writing too. That means writing new posts every week and continuously giving your audience information that will help them succeed. 

That being said, here are 10 other ways that I use Pinterest to get thousands of views to my blog every month: 

1. Claim my Website

Claiming your website is the BEST thing you can do for your blog. If you are on WordPress, you can use the YoastSEO plugin to get your website claimed. You may be wondering why claiming your website is so important and the reason is when Pinterest can verify that you own something or have access to it, they assume the content you are putting out is HIGH QUALITY and therefore is WORTHY of being distributed on their platform. When your website is claimed (or your Instagram, Etsy or YouTube) You get higher distribution among their platform. 

2. Activate Rich Pins

Rich Pins are extremely helpful to both Pinterest and to the people seeing your pins. Pinterest reads your pins and your descriptions to ensure they are delivering your content to the correct audience. The more information you give them the better. Rich pins add extra information to your pins and allow your profile, picture, and name to each pin so your account is always attached. Not only that but it helps with the growth of your account too! 

3. Do Keyword Research 

Keyword research is essential to your Pinterest foundation. Just like with your website SEO matters! Find the keywords in your target audience and sprinkle them throughout your bio, pins, and boards. This will help you reach your target audience more and more each time you pin. 

4. Optimize my Pinterest Account

After doing keyword research I always optimize my Pinterest account. As I mentioned above, I like to put them on pins (in the actual images), in pin descriptions, board descriptions, board titles, my Pinterest name, and my Pinterest bio. After those keywords have been placed, I make sure EVERY board has a description that includes hashtags. Those hashtags can be keywords that are broader or it can be a small search phrase that people may search often like #howtopinterest 

5. Write captivating and informational content

Doing informational posts like this are extremely important to share with your audience. You are blogging for a reason and that reason is because you have information to share with the world. Make sure you are solving a problem, answering a question or helping your audience achieve something. These posts do very well on Pinterest and they will help you get views. That’s the goal, right? Stay consistent with your content too because that is JUST as important as writing good content! If you can batch it and write 4 posts at the beginning of the month, you are all set! 4 weeks done.

6. Create multiple different pins for each post

Creating multiple pins for each of your posts are EXTREMELY important. The reason for this is because one pin won’t do it. You need multiple different types of pins so you can attract the right audience. 

For example: 

You should create 3-5 pins per blog post and then create an additional 3-5 pins every two weeks. This ensures that you are always pinning fresh pins and will help you reach new audiences too. 

7. Use Tailwind to maximize my Pinterest clicks

Tailwind is really critical to maximizing Pinterest clicks. Manual pinning is DEAD and that is okay! There is no need to log on to Pinterest every single day anymore to pin. In fact, I only log in about once a week to create new pins for my posts. Sometimes it’s once every two weeks! 

If you want to learn more about how to use Tailwind to maximize your traffic on Pinterest you can do so here:

8. Constantly pin high-quality content

We have already talked a little about high-quality content, but this stems to when you are pinning other people’s content as well. Don’t just willy nilly pick content on your feed to pin. Really think about how the information will affect your audience and if it will be valuable to them. Remember that the life of a pin is 1600 times longer than that of a Facebook or Instagram post. 

9. Analyze my analytics to see what is working and what isn’t

As with any sort of social media or digital marketing, analyzing statistics is super important. Thankfully between Tailwind, Pinterest and Google Analytics, you have a ton of information to sort through. 

A few metrics you should look at:

These metrics will help you understand what your audience is interested in and what content you should continue to share. 

10. Stay consistent in sharing new content

Last but not least, consistency. I’ve mentioned this a few times throughout the post but I wanted to do that because consistency really is key here. Consistent pinning, consistent writing, you get what I mean!

Tailwind helps you maximize Pinterest on autopilot and also allows you to stay consistent without doing extra work. Feel free to check them out and let me know your thoughts!

I hope this post provided you with a little insight to how I maximize my blog traffic with Pinterest! 



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