22 of the Best Free Resources for Bloggers

There are SO many free resources but what ones are actually worth your time? That is the real question! You can get lost in the clutter and confused with all the conflicting information and insane amount of free resources out there, but that is where I come in! I have compiled my favorite and most used free resources for bloggers to indulge in. Get just one or get them all, it is totally up to you! A lot of this stuff is a no brainer since its completely free, it just all depends on how invested you are into your blog and how bad you want to succeed! Let’s get into it! 

*This post does contain affiliate links. Affiliate links mean that I make a small commission if you purchase from my link at no extra cost for you. It seriously helps support the blog. For more information on my disclosure policy you can read it here. P.S I have not asked any of these people if they wanted to be featured, these are truly my favorite and best resources that I use on a daily, weekly or monthly basis that I wanted to share with you.

1. Tailwind for Pinterest

(*these are real stats from a real client of mine in March of 2020)

If you are using Pinterest as a blogger (like you definitely should be) then you need to be using Tailwind in my opinion. It’s a known fact around this blog that I am not a fan of manual pinning. It doesn’t do anything for my account and I am not going to be stuck on my own account or my 16 clients accounts every single day manually pinning their pins. That would be a disaster. Instead, I schedule all of my pins out which makes managing Pinterest way less time consuming and easier. I use Tailwind for this because they are an approved Pinterest Partner and they also have amazing features that you should definitely check out! 

You can get a free trial to Tailwind here if you are interested in checking it out!

2. Later – Instagram + Blog

Later in my opinion is the BEST Instagram and Facebook Page scheduler out there. They give you a free platform to use and have an amazing blog that they do a great job of updating on a daily basis. They are a platform that you can use and trust when new Instagram information comes to light and they have an awesome email list that grants you access to all of the latest information, guides, features, and more! 

You can learn more about Later here

3. The Pinterest Starter Kit

So you wanna use Pinterest to get inspo right? But as a blogger, your also going to want to use Pinterest to gain traction, grow your blog and make tons of money! I have created this FREE (but should be paid) Pinterest course so you can learn the ins and outs of setting up your account properly! 

Why am I giving all this jucy info away for free? Well because I think its SUPER important for people to have accounts that are set up correctly and when they do, they see success way quicker. So, I want you to have that success and I want you to see that growth! 

Get access to the Pinterest Starter Kit here

4. Kenzi Green Design Branding Checklist

Kenzi from Kenzi Green Design is one of my favorite designers that has ever walked this earth. She is not only responsible for the design of this website but she is also working on a secret project that will be revealed soon and it’s honestly, even better than this. How is that possible? Don’t know but she made it happen! 

That being said, if you want to make sure your blogging brand is ON POINT then you are going to want this free branding checklist that Kenzi gives you on her blog. 

Get this checklist here!

5. Tailwind Smart.Bio

(*This is a clients account. If you would like to see smart.bio in action on
her account you can find it here.)

Tailwind isn’t just my favorite for Pinterest but they also have an amazing Smart.Bio feature that will blow your socks off. Think link.tree but WAY BETTER. Let me explain, Smart.Bio is a FREE feature from Tailwind that allows you to have a very pretty link in your bio that directly connects to all of your posts. So you don’t have to keep going in and changing your post every 5 seconds, you can keep them all there and add more as you go! This like I said is a free feature that Tailwind offers which is why I wanted to include it here. In the future, I recommend creating a “link in your bio” on your website that way you can get as much traffic as possible and you actually own that link. 

To try out Smart.Bio for free, you can check it out here. 

6. Build a Profitable Blog Course

Just getting started as a blogger? You HAVE to check out my FREE Build a Profitable Blog course for beginners because it’s going to walk you through some of the most important parts of getting started and help you avoid some of the first mistakes I made when I was a beginner. 

I have put my best tips and tricks to creating a PROFITABLE blog in this course for you and each day contains a video + an action step to ensure you are moving in the right direction. 

Sign up for the free course here

7. Asana

Never heard of Asana? Well it’s going to become your best friend! Asana is a project management software (or PMS) that allows you to create a COLOR coded calendar and organize your projects in an easy to view way. I used Asana for the last 2 years and just recently switched to ClickUp because I have grown my team to not just include me anymore. I recommend Asana to all bloggers that are just them right now, unless you are a service-based business owner with employees or VAs! 

Basically Asana is like Trello but better and easier to use. I love it because I am able to create my to-do list and know exactly what I am supposed to do and when it is supposed to be done as soon as I sit down at my computer in the morning. It will be super useful to ensure that you stay on track with your blog posts, content calendar for social, and getting any sponsored content published on time!

One of my favorite Asana features is that you can actually attach Google Docs to tasks so you can stay organized and not have to worry about sorting through everything to find your written post! 

You can check out Asana for FREE here.

8. Ivory Mix – Free Content + Blog

The Ivory Mix Blog is honestly amazing. She not only has TONS of educational content on here but you can find an unlimited amount of resources from checklists and tutorials to free courses and more. Even if you aren’t a beginner, you NEED to check this out! 

Some of my favorite free content from Ivory Mix has to be her Free Guides and Courses section here or her Free Stock Photo Library. I am actually a VIP to her upgraded Stock Photo Library and I would do nothing but recommend it for any blogger creating content on social media, for their blog or for Pinterest. You can learn more about that here

9. Pinterest

Did you really think I wouldn’t put this on here? Pinterest is an AMAZING free resource for so many things. Wanna figure out what your audience is searching for? Pinterest. Wanna figure out what your audience wants to learn and buy? Pinterest. Wanna get inspiration for pin designs, Instagram posts, or Instagram stories? Pinterest. Want access to TONS of free and paid content to move your blog forward? Pinterest. 

You get where I am going here right? Pinterest is the end all be all resource for bloggers because there are MILLIONS, sorry, BILLIONS of pins, blog posts, and creators out there creating content for you to learn from. 

You can follow me on Pinterest here

10. Content Calendars

My friend Grayson over at A La Gray Collective has created an AMAZING content calendar download for you that is FREE by the way and I use this to plan my social and blog posts on the daily. She gives you 20 pages of calendars so you are sure to find one that matches your style. I typically throw them into Canva, mark them all up, print them out and put them on my whiteboard!

This is a free resource you don’t wanna miss! She also has a bunch of social media stuff over there too like stuff on Insta. She’s an IG wizard who actually handles my account here

You can grab these content calendars at this link

11. My Free Blogging Checklist

Short and simple, the world of blogging is complicated and there is A LOT you need to remember on a daily basis. I created this awesome checklist and guide to help answer some of your questions and make sure that you don’t forget anything when setting up your website, when designing your website or even writing and publishing a blog post. 

You can get the checklist for free here

12. Google Docs

No matter how many apps, services, or writing things I try, Google Docs is just honestly the best there is. I use Google Docs to write every single word of every single blog post I create for three reasons. 

  1. They autosave and I never have to worry about my work being lost
  2. I always have a backup of my blog posts. 
  3. They don’t take up literally any space in my google drive. Like seriously, 0 space because Google is amazing meaning I can write as much as I want with no worries.

I actually have a dedicated email associated with my blog posts that way I can stay organized and ensure that I don’t have anything get lost in the shuffle! Google also has this super cool setting that allows you to continue editing documents on specific accounts even when you lose internet access. This allows me to take my writing basically anywhere with me which is a great feature! 

13. Canva

When I first started using Canva, I had a love hate relationship with it. I REALLY wanted to use Adobe and let my inner designer feel “legit” but there are just some things that Canva does that makes things way easier than Adobe does. 

I make ALL of my pins on Canva and most of the easy graphics. If I need to create a logo or need something removed in a specific spot or need to photoshop something, that is when I bring in Adobe. Canva just is the best free design software out there at the moment and I highly recommend you utilize it! 

I did pay to upgrade my Canva account mainly because some of the features are just awesome and super helpful when I am trying to work fast! Like the super easy and simple “resize” feature. 

You can check out Canva here

14. Facebook Groups

Ahh Facebook Groups. Another thing I have a love-hate relationship with. Facebook groups can be your friend but they will also become your enemy! I say that as someone who has used them to grow her Instagram, get blog comments, follows on Pinterest, get clients, guest posters and more. They are super awesome for asking questions, hiring and getting follows but they are kind of a black hole that sucks all your time up and allows you to get lost very very quickly. 

That being said, here are four of my favorite Facebook groups that I recommend for bloggers:

The Blogging Lifestyle

Newbie & Expert Bloggers Unite

Societygal – A Community for Creative Female Entrepreneurs.

Blogging Babes Collective

15. Lightroom for Mobile

If you have ever wanted to edit your photos or use presets, this is one Adobe application I can recommend for free. Lightroom for mobile grants you access to all the amazing things Adobe has to offer from your pocket and allows you to take your editing to the next level. You can either buy and download presets or you can make your own. 

I typically use this for my Instagram pictures since the majority of my blog posts contain screenshots instead of pictures of me. You may be different though! If you have an Adobe subscription you can get the desktop app as well and simultaneously edit from both of you want too! 

Checkout Lightroom for Android here or iPhone here

16. Daybook App

The Daybook app is something that I really love to use for my mindset. It’s like a journal for me to document all the bad AND the good. I am someone that loves to write, I mean it makes sense right? So one thing that really helps me destress is writing about what I am worried about or what I am stressed out about. Then I go through that list and mark down what I can do to fix that specific thing or if I can’t fix it, I allow myself to let it go. 

I just recently (in the last 4 months) started using it to also document all the good things that have happened because it allows me to look back on both the good and bad and remember how I felt and what I was doing at that time. 

It’s a great stress reliever for the present but will also allow you to keep memories and remind yourself that there will always be ups and downs and you will ALWAYS get out of it! 

You can download the Daybook App for Android here and for iPhone here

17. Airtable

Airtable might be more for the super organized bloggers out there, I use it for a lot of entrepreneurial and businessy things but I wanted to add it here because it is so useful! It does take a little getting used too but you can use it to create forms (instead of using the typical Google Forms) and they look way nicer, in my opinion are a bit more customizable, and are formatted in a super easy to read way on the back end. 

I have also used this to track my blog posts in the past, do interviews with experts for content and collaborate with others on guest posting. I would check it out, it is free, and it allows you to do some pretty cool things! 

P.S I do still use the free version of this! I haven’t found a reason yet to upgrade which is awesome!

You can check out Airtable for free here

18. Google Analytics

I feel like I shouldn’t have to say this one but there are still some bloggers out there that aren’t using Google Analytics to track their website traffic. You need SOME WAY to know who is coming to your site, what posts are doing the best, and how long people are staying. Not only that but the majority of brands or advertisers are going to want to know information like how many monthly viewers you have, what your most popular posts are, etc. 

Google Analytics gives the most reliable stats for free. I have been using it since I got started and if you don’t already have it, you definitely need to get it! 

You can find out more info on Google Analytics + follow the steps to getting it installed on your website here

19. Ubersuggest

Ubersuggest is a new platform I recently found that has everything to do with SEO. It is free to use (on a limited basis) but is something I would recommend checking out if you are someone trying to garner more traffic and want to use Google to do so! 

It is also good practice to have some sort of overview of what SEO is and how it is affecting your website. That being said, I recommend Ubersuggest. I have paid to upgrade that way I can just do my best to rank on Google but it’s not necessary until you have your feet under you as a blogger. 

I also do recommend YoastSEO as a WordPress plugin. The reason why I chose to highlight Ubersuggest over Yoast is because Ubersuggest is a whole platform whereas Yoast is just a plugin (or that is all I use of it anyway.) I have the free version of Yoast however and haven’t really seen the need to upgrade yet! 

You get free access to Ubersuggest here or YoastSEO here

20. Shareasale.com

ShareASale is for all my bloggers out there that want to focus on affiliate marketing. I am not super big on it but I know there are tons of bloggers that make a boat load of money doing it! I have made a bit of money partnering with brands on here so I encourage you to sign up for a free account and try to get approved by some brands! 

You can also go to the brands website directly or just search (brand name) affiliate program, to see what they have available! ShareASale just goves you the opportunity to connect with brands all on one platform and decrease the amount of time between each payout! 

You can sign up for ShareASale here

21. Elementor.com

Using WordPress but want a better way to customize your site and create something YOU want exactly without learning code? Elementor has your back. Wanna know something cool? My entire website was built using Elementor! Meaning you could create something like this if you wanted too! 

Elementor has an amazing free version but you are going to want to upgrade to the pro. It has been THE resource I use when designing anything for my blog. From popups to pages and more. Honestly, you won’t be able to live without it once you install it! 

You can learn more about Elementor here! 

22. Grammarly

Grammarly is by far my favorite grammar checker that comes with me wherever I go. Emails? It’s there! As I am writing this post now? Yup! It’s helping me! It is a completely free resource to install into your google chrome bar and you can even download it for your computer if you prefer to use Microsoft instead of Google! 

I am obsessed with the paid upgrade as well but you don’t need to invest in that if you are a beginner. The upgraded version gives you phrase changes and helps you sound whatever way you would like to. If you are going for more professional or sophisticated, it will help change around your wording to sound that way! It’s honestly the best and something you NEED to have. 

Get the free version of Grammarly here

Holy crap this was a long one but I hope it was super useful to you and I also hope that you are able to indulge in a lot of these free resources so you can move your blog forward even quicker! If you have any resources I missed or you think should be included, let me know and I can add them in! Feel free to follow me on Pinterest or connect with me on Instagram as well! 

4 thoughts on “22 of the Best Free Resources for Bloggers

  1. God bless you! Girl excellent and useful post (like always! 🤗). Honestly today I’m going to start using Google Docs, I’m so curious about it that I just gonna go ahead and try it. And about the PSK oh God, yesterday I went into my Pinterest analytics and I was totally surprised how it is going up since I applied some ( ‘cause I haven’t finished yet 🙃) of the tips that you recommend… I’ll share a screenshot with you later at IG so you can see… thank you so much! And keep going girl!!! 👏

    1. Thank you!!! I can’t wait to see these screenshots and I am so happy the PSK is working for you! This is so exciting! You are going to be so successful for sure!

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