5 Easy SEO Wins For Bloggers

Hello! I’m Kate from Webhive Digital and I’ve been invited here by Hannah to tell you 5 easy SEO wins for bloggers to help up your blog’s SEO game.

SEO is essential for bloggers because it’s a great way to get fresh eyes on your blog content. Imagine having a post which ranks number 1 on Google and gets thousands of new eyes on it every day, as well as all of your existing readers?! Amazing. 

So let’s take a look at what you can do to improve your SEO right now!

1. Keyword placement

There’s several places on your posts that you need to be placing keywords for maximum SEO. They are:

  • Post title – Your post title should be an H1 (Heading 1). Typically it is but if you’re unsure check with your website/theme designer.
  • H2 – Also known as Heading 2 in your text editor. I use this after my post introduction as a subheading to begin my main post content but there are lots of different ways you can do this depending on how you write your posts.
  • First paragraph – This one is so important and often the biggest challenge. If you scroll up you’ll see I’ve included the keywords by introducing myself in the first sentence. This works well as I’m writing a guest post but there’s plenty of other organic ways you can do this.
  • 1-2 more times – This one isn’t so strict. I like to use my keywords once more within my blog post if it feels natural to do so. If you can manage it twice – even better! 

2, Link to related posts

If you use WordPress then you’re in luck because there’s lots of great plugins for this. 

My favorite right now is Inline Related Posts as it works much better for mobile users.

I also link to related posts within my post content if it’s relevant. So if I’m talking about something to do with web design it’s easy to link to my website design services, or if I’m writing a post like this I might link to my SEO coaching services.

3. Set up Google Search Console

Google Search Console is such a useful tool for SEO! It can tell you things like where you’ve got broken links (more on that below!), how you’re currently performing on Google and insights into the mobile user journey on your blog. 

Once you’ve set up Google Search Console you need to make sure to submit your sitemap and robots.txt (Google has a great guide for this here). After that I recommend coming back once every 1-2 weeks to see how people are finding your posts, any errors they may be getting and any improvements Google suggests for your site.

4. Optimised website design

This one is so important I just can’t stress it enough. If you don’t have a properly developed website design then a lot of your SEO efforts will be for nothing.

One of the best ways to check how well your site is performing is to run a speed test. I like Google Page Speeds and Pingdom. If your site is loading in under 3 seconds then Google’s happy with how you’re performing and it’ll be more likely to rank your blog higher in results.

Anything over 3 seconds will do the opposite. 

If you decide to install a new theme/template to improve your site speed, look for SEO mentioned within the features of the theme. SEO not mentioned? Chances are it hasn’t been taken into consideration.

If you’re planning to work with a web designer then make sure they know a thing or two about SEO first. You could run their site through a speed test (like the ones I mentioned above) to get an idea… maybe don’t tell them you’ve done this though ;).

If you only need a slight improvement to hit under 3 seconds you can install a CDN like Cloudflare which is free and a great tool for improving your site speed. 

5. Fix your broken links

I touched on this with Google Search Console but I’m circling back to it because it’s SO IMPORTANT!

If you have broken links on your blog it’s a big, fat warning sign to Google that your blog content is out of date which means they won’t want to send people to your posts. 

If you’re a WordPress user you can download Broken Link Checker which lets you add suitable replacement links too. Such an easy tool to use!

If you’re not on WordPress I recommend using Google Search Console and manually updating those links to relevant content (on or off your blog) that does still exist.

And there you have it! My 5 easy SEO wins for bloggers that I hope you’ve been able to apply to your own blog to start seeing results!

I’m Kate and I help businesses thrive online with pretty websites that convert, beautiful branding and SEO strategies.

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