12 Blogging Myths and Misconceptions

As a blogging strategist, I have so many people, clients, and members come to me with questions that surround these blogging myths. I am here to set the story straight and debunk these myths like a blogging mythbuster (Anyone remember that show? I watched it as a kid and LOVED IT!)  Here are 12 of the most popular and common blogging myths that I hear all the time! 

1. I NEED to be on every social site

Typically people don’t come to me and say this but when I ask what people’s marketing strategy is they say “Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Now TikTok” along with a long list of other things. I typically ask them how the strategy is working for them and the answer is always “not well”. The reason for that is because of context switching. I talk about it in this masterclass here so if you are interested in knowing why being on all socials is a bad move, you can check that out! 

2. I need to grow my audience before I start a blog or release a product

If I had a dollar for every time I was asked this question or saw this question was asked I would be RICH right now. So many people think that a big audience = big money. But here is the thing:

  • Followers on Pinterest don’t matter and if you want to learn more about that you can read my post on Pinterest myths (coming soon!)
  • You can buy followers on Instagram and even if you didn’t buy them, they most likely will not want to buy from you, therefore you have wasted your time and potentially lost thousands of dollars waiting to release your content. 

The lesson here, you do not need to have a big audience or need to “grow your audience” first in order to make money with your blog or to sell digital content! 

3. All I need to do is create good content and people will read it

Blogging is very much so about creating good content but it’s even more so distributing and marketing that content to get in front of the right people. I had someone come to me the other day and say, “I thought I could just write blog posts and people would come to read them.” 

How would they find you though if all you did was write? Having good content is JUST as important as having a GOOD marketing strategy. Whether it’s Pinterest, Instagram or your Email List, you have to have something going on in order for people to see your amazing words! 

Don’t get me wrong, you still need to have good content, but you also need to market well too! Let’s continue with more blogging myths!

4. I have to be a good writer

When I first started my blog I was such a crappy writer and even now, I would not consider myself a great writer either. I have my specific tone and way I write that I love and that my audience loves but that doesn’t mean I am great. 

You don’t have to be a good writer to have a blog. You need to understand punctuation and know how to spell but that’s just about it! All that’s left is putting your words on a page and sharing it with the world! 

I also can promise that if you asked any blogger if they thought they were an amazing writer they would probably say no! I did go to school for journalism but that, in my opinion, didn’t make me a good writer. Practice did. 

5. Blogging is easy

I would love to laugh at ANY person who says this because blogging is probably harder than any 9 to 5 you could imagine. Granted it’s not “hard” like rocket science hard, but it’s just frustrating, sometimes time-consuming, and can honestly drive you crazy at times. 

You need to keep yourself sane but also figure out why more people aren’t reading your stuff and then also figure out tech and then also know and understand marketing and all of this stuff that blogging is that a lot of the people on the outside looking in don’t understand. There are programs out there that help make the process way easier (I have one of those if you are interested!) and I try my best to help people bypass all the annoying and stressful parts of blogging but there still is a lot that you have to experience on your own. 

6. My niche is over-saturated so I won’t grow

The saturation of your niche has no indication of whether or not you will grow. Your passion, content, marketing strategy, and ability to create relationships with your readers will. 

If you really get specific with your audience, figure out exactly who you are targeting, what their deep desire is and how you can help them, there is no way your niche will be over-saturated because you are speaking to an identity so specific that you are able to blow the competition out of the water. 

7. Blogging is dead

Blogging is most definitely not dead. In 2019, 77% of internet users read blogs. And that is not a joke. People are calling on bloggers now more than ever for reviews, news, learning, buying, inspiring and so much more. Now is the PERFECT time to be a blogger because you have the ability to touch people with your words and help them in a way no one else can. 

Blogging is far from being dead and to be honest with you, probably will never die. You have to adapt to things that happen in the community. Survival of the Fittest. Are you going to see a change, cry and die or are you going to step up and adapt? 

8. I can’t grow because I don’t understand SEO and can’t rank on google

Lean in as I let you in on a little secret… I have been blogging for 5 years and know NOTHING about SEO. Well, that’s not true now but it was as of January 2020. I just started learning about SEO because I feel like it’s the next step in my blogging career that I want to gain knowledge about. 

Because of Pinterest, you don’t need to worry about Google or SEO at the start. You can worry about making money and growing your blog views and that is it! 

9. Email Marketing is dead

Same thing with blogging, email marketing is not dead. It is adapting and there are other better ways to connect with your audience other than with email marketing but people are still very much so using emails and opening them! 

I recommend using good email practices like going through your list and purging the people that have unsubscribed or not opened any emails in the last 30 days so you can keep a highly engaged list but this also has to do with the content of your emails. Get your list used to receiving good valuable content from you. That way they always want to open up your emails. 

10. I need to write 4-5 times a week to be successful as a blogger

While consistency is key, writing 4-5 times a week will kill you. Like, seriously, kill you. It’s not maintainable nor is anyone asking you to do that! I always recommend 2 posts per week. If you can do 3 that is even better. In 2020, I, myself, am shooting for 3 posts a week because that gives enough content for Pinterest to love you and for your readers to love you! 

Definitely do not write 5 times a week unless you absolutely want too. I love to bulk create content so I write 15-20 blog posts at one time and then schedule them to go out via email and Pinterest but don’t burn yourself out or overdo yourself! 

11. I can’t make money without a big audience

Going back to what I said about the big audience doesn’t = big money thing, just because you don’t have a big readership doesn’t mean you can’t make money. Remember that masterclass I talked about earlier? I also talk about why this is a huge mistake you can make in the blogging world. If you want to deep dive into that, you can find it here

12. You can easily make a ton of money blogging

Last but not least, one of the most popular blogging myths out there… and all I can say is WRONGO!! Making money as a blogger takes time. There are ways you can make money quicker, overall, it’s going to take some time! I explain more in this post here

I hope debunking some of these blogging myths were helpful to you and made you view the blogging world in a different way! If you have ANY questions at all, please do not hesitate to email me, DM me on Instagram, or reach out to me via Pinterest! I would also love to have you join my Facebook group where you are free to share your latest blog posts, questions and more! 

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  1. So great and so true. Thanks for providing these reminders. It helps when you start to get overwhelmed with everything that actually goes into blogging.

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