So, You Want to Be a Blogger?


In this course, I cover everything you need to know about becoming a blogger and the one Pinterest hack that quadrupled my monthly viewers, got me more traffic to my blog than ever before and got me my first three viral pins in less than 6 months! Scroll down to learn more, grab a discount code and the course itself!

CONTENT COVERED IN: So, You Want to Be a Blogger?

Setting up a blog: Everything that you need to know to get your blog up and running today! (This includes free vs paid hosting, the essentials that are needed from day one, as well as a step by step guide to making sure that you don’t get lost)

Free Hosting Vs Paid Hosting: Not sure if you’re ready to make the jump to paid hosting yet? That’s totally okay. I was in your shoes multiple times before. Most bloggers and people that are blog coaches will tell you “You really need to purchase that domain” when that’s not necessarily true when you are just starting out. That’s what makes me different from others. I tried listening to them and bought TWO domains for the wrong reasons before finally purchasing this one. AKA WASTED MONEY. So, with that, I am here to tell you the rest of my story and when you should decide to make the switch or even if you should make the switch!

My Favorite WordPress Plugins: WordPress is one of the biggest blogging platforms out there and with that, they have one of the largest selections of FREE plugins all available to you. Sometimes that can seem so overwhelming but don’t worry, whether your a food blogger, travel blogger or even a mommy blogger, I have all of the plugins you need to make your blog stand out!

SEO – Search Engine Optimization: SEO is so tricky sometimes but its okay because I am here to help! I will walk you through how to get search engines to display your blog and your blog posts when searched as well as all the best practices for learning SEO

How Many Posts Do I Really Need to Launch? I am going to walk you through a few things to help you decide when you really want to launch your blog, how many blog posts you should or shouldn’t have and everything else in between!

How to Nail you’re About Me Page: Your About Me page is so important to your viewers because they want to know who you are! It’s really critical to nail it and share your story!

Do You Need a Disclosure Policy? This is a question I get all the time. The next one is, how do I write one? I will give you a template that you can use and talk to you about why you need one along with what it means!

A Step by Step Guide to Pinterest: Pinterest is a huge beast and it’s not always easy to learn the ropes if your a new user/blogger/anyone trying to use the platform. I will walk you through the exact strategy I used to quadruple my Pinterest monthly viewers in less than a month. That is right… I grew to over 175k monthly viewers in less than a month!

I also am going to show you the best practices on the platform, how to read your analytics, what to look for and what to stop doing!


You can check out the course here and use code BEABLOGGER to get $10 off!