How to Find Your Blogging Style – Blogging Quiz

Have you ever wondered what your blogging style or personality was? Based on the five iconic brand personalities, Mel and I have developed this quiz to help you discover your personal blogging style — and the strengths and pitfalls that come with it.

This is a post in collaboration with Melody Bay, from Fresh Pages Co.

Finding your blogging style can be incredibly helpful to learn more about who you are and also give you some hints on where you shine and what you can capitalize on going forward. You can take the super quick 8 question quiz below to find out your style!

Find Your Blogging Style Now:

You may be wondering, “Hannah, What’s your Blogging Style?” Well, I’m glad you asked! This is what I got when I took this quiz:

I have to say, I am in love with these results! Not only that but I do think they match my style perfectly! I am doing my best to give you the most up to date and legit information as possible while sharing my expertise in an honest way! Yes, I do things very different than other bloggers do, I don’t just “go by the book.” I was never that way in school either because I personally feel like going by the book isn’t always the best path to take! I think Mel hit the nail on the head with this one!

Once you take the quiz, make sure to comment below or share a screenshot on Instagram with what you got! Tag me @lifebyhannahj and to share it with us and potentially get reposted! I can’t wait to hear what your blogging style is!

Hi, I’m Mel! I’m a brand communications strategist for women entrepreneurs. More specifically, I equip introverted entrepreneurs with the communication skills to connect with their dream clients. For more tips, check out my blog, or connect with me on Instagram!

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