Are Instagram Loop Giveaways Worth it?

What is a loop giveaway?

A loop giveaway is typically one that involves a bunch of different bloggers or influencers all paying a small fee to join. It is hosted by a “giveaway” account that normally has built up their following. The giveaway account will follow all of the participants involved and then everyone that wants to enter the giveaway must follow all of the accounts the host account is following. 

Why does this work? 

Well as you know the Instagram algorithm is rough on all of us. Because the giveaway photo is shared by all of the participants (sometimes 59 people), the giveaway is shown to more people and in return, more people want to enter. 

What is the difference between a loop giveaway and a normal giveaway? 

The difference is that the participants need to follow more people BUT you are more likely to gain more followers from a loop giveaway than a giveaway you host yourself. You are better off to spend the $25-$55 on a loop giveaway than you are to spend on a giveaway you host yourself!

How to find the perfect one?

I have one giveaway account that I recommend because they are focused on RETAINING followers and finding high-quality accounts that interact and engage with your content even after the giveaway is over. 

What was my experience? 

Because I have a lifestyle account, my target audience is a little different than others. I can share a wide variety of things so my first giveaway I participated in was a travel giveaway. Here is my follow count BEFORE starting the giveaway: 

This is my follow count after the first hour: 

This was what I was seeing when I opened Instagram: 

This is my follow count after the giveaway closed: 

Finally, this is what my follow count looked like a few days after the giveaway closed: 

I posted at 9 PM EST which is a little late for my audience but I was surprised to see the engagement. I posted the second “reminder” photo the next day and then that was it! It was super easy, fun, and I had a really positive experience overall! 

My recommendation for the best one to try:

 Giveaway account – @ladytribe_gifting Host account – @ladytribe_host

The reason why I recommend these girls is because they try really hard to share the stats from past giveaways and help you in a way to see how much you could gain from a giveaway. They also are super nice and they really do their best to accommodate everyone!

The positives from my giveaway experience: 

I had a lot of positive takeaways from my first couple of giveaways that I want to share!

  • I only lost 90 followers after the giveaway closed the first time I joined. 
  • I gained an upward of 300-700 at a time (over a 72 hour period)
  • I was able to reach my target audience
  • I gained followers that were authentic 
  • I connected with other influencers and bloggers also trying to grow

The negatives + things to look out for:

You will lose followers after the giveaway is over. Its nothing you did, they are just people that only want the actual prize but they don’t care about the people they follow to get it. 

After the giveaway is over, your post reach is going to be down overall. The reason for this is because Instagram is now showing all of your posts to your new followers and its possible they won’t like them which will make your posts do pretty bad in the algorithm. This does go away though! After about a week your post reach will go back up. 

Some giveaway accounts are only looking to take your money and they don’t care about the giveaway itself. That is why I recommend Lady Tribe so much. Some of these giveaway accounts are actual scams and you really have to pay attention and do your research! (That is why I am writing this post!)

Do I recommend them? 

I do recommend loop giveaways BUT it is super important to remember a few things: 

  • If you can’t reach your target audience with the specific giveaway, DON’T do it. It won’t help anyone if you are reaching food enthusiasts with a beauty blog. 
  • Make sure the giveaway account is legit and not just looking to make money from you. 
  • Try to find a giveaway account that focuses on showing you results

What do you think about loop giveaways? I was 100% against them until I tried them!

Let me know your thoughts below!

One thought on “Are Instagram Loop Giveaways Worth it?

  1. This is very interesting Hannah. I have heard a lot of negative things about loop giveaways and how it attracts bots and could actually lower your engagement rate, but it’s good to know that there are legit giveaways where you could gain followers of your target audience.

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