Hey, I’m Hannah!

You may have seen a pin or two of mine… I’m kinda all over Pinterest…

I’m just a small-town Pinterest strategist, livin’ in a concrete world: Right outside of NYC. I live on Long Island–which doesn’t help my pizza addiction. (If you’ve found a better slice than the classic pepperoni, let me know)

My blog rescued me from a life I thought I wanted. Cue Devil Wears Prada clip. That’s right. I’m the Hollywood stereotype– small town girl moves to the big city to pursue Journalism with dreams of being a magazine hotshot. What I got— a blog that blossomed from my college dorm. It’s way better this way. And I’m pretty sure magazine hotshots don’t have the luxury of watching Netflix while they blog and pin in their pajamas snackin on some ‘za.

The luxury is not lost on me. I cracked the code on monetizing my blog, and have since turned it into a successful online career… which is exactly what I want to help you do!